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Dimension Apprehension

Science doesn’t stand in one spot and points. Science leads.
We cannot refuse to go where science leads us, even if it’s to places we never thought we’d visit.

So many people claim that Bigfoot and Dogman and other cryptozoological beings cannot exist. They point to science as proof.
But science is no longer where it was when they were young.
Most people learn very little once they’re out of school, and when they point to science as proving the impossibility of these creature’s existence, they tend to refer to science as it was when they learned it.
When you talk about a multiverse, about parallel dimensions these people call it sci-fi, fantasies.
But it isn’t.

Reputed scientists are now more and more leaning towards the concept that we live in a multiverse. That parallel dimensions are right there, next to us, even though we may not be able to perceive them.
When science talks about parallel universes they mean real universes that exist in other dimensions.
At the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland they are working on learning about these parallel universes right now. Continue reading Dimension Apprehension


In the Bigfoot world many are finding it hard to accept the concept of Dogman as a separate entity, not related to Bigfoots.
It’s peculiar, even knowing that most people look down on the Bigfooters and ridicule their convictions, they do the same to those witnessing a Dogman.

The Dogman believers accept the idea of it being a living, breathing, mostly physical creature. Most of them completely discount the old ideas of a physical transformation taking place since by the laws of physics that is supposedly impossible.
We are enlightened people of today, Dogman can exist as long as it behaves and does its thing within the boundaries of physical reality as we know it.

Yet constantly Dogman, and Bigfoot as well, break the shackles we try to bind them with. They disappear into thin air, they prove impervious to bullets.
Tell me then how the logical reaction to this is to ignore it? To pretend it never happened?
To keep clinging to the idea that us humans have a fairly good grip on how the universe works and anything behaving in an unnatural way is an anomaly, an anomalies are best left ignored?

All the universe, our known universe, and everything in it- suns, planets, comets, what have you-all of it amounts to 4,9% of ordinary matter.
4.9% is everything we can see, smell, touch.
The rest, 95.1%, is dark matter and dark energy.
Everything we know= 4.9%
Everything we don’t know: 95.1% Continue reading 95.1%

The Banana of Safety

Now don’t tell me that title is not making you a bit curious…

The banana is actually a berry, did you know that?
Just a piece of bonus information you can use to impress your friends, but no, this post isn’t really about bananas…

It’s about Dogmen/ Werewolves. Surprise! 😛

What I’m talking about is the more or less banana-shaped area stretching roughly from Saskatchewan, Canada through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and parts of Texas, down toward Mexico. An area with very little going on in terms of Dogman sightings.

The Banana of Safety. Here shown on the map by Her Hedgehogness herself, a.k.a. me
The Banana of Safety. Here shown on the map by Her Hedgehogness herself, a.k.a. me

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Ranchita Bigfoot photo

RanchitaBigfootfullHow come this photo, allegedly taken in 2011 in Ranchita, California isn’t more well known?
I have seen all the blurry, vague photos of Bigfoot out there, but this one, if real, is the very best one I have ever seen.
Now, note the “if real”. I did google, backwards and forwards, by many different search terms, but found nothing that would indicate this photo is a hoax.
That being said, this is of course no guarantee, but since I’ve found nothing as of yet, let’s continue to explore this photo as if it is legit, shall we? Continue reading Ranchita Bigfoot photo

Desktop researcher

Yeah, I am one. So?
I’m Swedish. Sweden is not swamped with Bigfoot or Dogmen. The amount of field research I can do is somewhat limited.
Thus I go online and I research a lot. I read, I watch, I do everything I can. Then I take what I learn and write about it, map it, do whatever I can to contribute to figuring this field of cryptozoology out.
And for that I’m worth nothing? What I do is worth nothing? Because I’m not living with Bigfoots. Or Dogmen. (as if anyone could live with them…)
People use my Dogman sightings maps. I’ve seen them pop up in various groups I’m in. Great. That’s why I made them. It may not solve anything but it might contribute. I can’t see that it’s worthless. Continue reading Desktop researcher

The huge mindf*ck


Sometimes I feel that this, what I’m dealing with here- cryptozoology- is just this huge mindf*ck… Pardon my French.

I’ve been reading, among other things, the books 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story and 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Nightmare Continues by Christine Dela-Parker. They are about a family who are, well I think it’s safe to say cursed, by the presence of Bigfoots in their neighborhood.
Unlike other Bigfoot books, here you’ll also get to see the filmed footage and listen to the audio recordings the family has captured. Plus it’s going on RIGHT NOW. Meaning there will most likely be more books. Maybe even really great evidence. I really recommend these books. You won’t even be able to put them down. The only problem with them is that they end. Why do good books do this? Someone should really fix that. 😉 Continue reading The huge mindf*ck

The weird arm

The remains of a strange looking arm has been recovered by The Sasquatch Hunters.
So far the arm has been ruled out as being from a bear or a human by FWC officials. A biologist claims it comes from a primate of some sort.

The bones were found in Florida and attempts to find the rest of the remains will be made. Tests will be carried out on the bones to determine the species.

Naturally everyone is hoping for the arm to have come from a Skunk Ape.
I doubt that. If so, then it’s from an infant. The arm simply isn’t big enough.
Still, it’s always exciting when something like this happens.


If I was a cryptid, where would I come from?

Cryptids come in many shapes and sizes. Colors vary, skin texture, fur or no fur, sometimes scales. Some cryptids crawl, some swim, some fly, but most sightings tend to involve cryptids with a certain similar characteristic, namely bipedalism.
Barring lake monsters and the occasional Mongolian Death Worm, most sightings seem to be of something with two legs, just like us humans.
Bigfoot, dogman/werewolves, the real chupacabras (not the US ones…), the Jersey Devil, goatmen… Even Mothman is bipedal when you think about it.
What could be the reason for this?
I don’t know, but I have three theories. They may all come across as a tad flaky but seriously, we’re dealing with things that seem to be coming straight out of people’s nightmares. I don’t see how you could possibly explain them in a cold, rational manner, unless you simply decide that all the thousands of eye witnesses are lying/ hallucinating. Which wouldn’t be an explanation at all but a cop out.
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Survivorman goes squatching

Through the years I’ve enjoyed watching various survival shows on TV. Not because I’m particularly into survival per se but I’m heavily into nature and learning new things. I loathe survival shows that try to be Fear Factor, you know what I’m talking about.
I want it real.
I like Cody Lundin a lot (I tend to walk barefoot a lot and I like how that for once isn’t considered “so weird”…) and I especially like Les Stroud, a.k.a. Survivorman.
I’ve watched just about everything with him. I love how nothing about his show is fake. If he can’t find food one night then he goes hungry. It’s what survival really is. It’s not as easy as other shows try to make it out to be.
It’s “not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah…”
Well, something like that.
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The only Swedish Bigfoot footage?

Greetings blogizens!

After my long winter hiatus during which I have done nothing of value whatsoever (which was lovely by the way), I’m now back in the cryptic world of cryptids and the like.
I have been catching up on my Phantoms and Monsters newsletters (love, love, LOVE!) and I have already found a few things I’m going to have to write about here.
That will however have to wait in favor of what landed in my lap yesterday…
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