Ranchita Bigfoot photo

RanchitaBigfootfullHow come this photo, allegedly taken in 2011 in Ranchita, California isn’t more well known?
I have seen all the blurry, vague photos of Bigfoot out there, but this one, if real, is the very best one I have ever seen.
Now, note the “if real”. I did google, backwards and forwards, by many different search terms, but found nothing that would indicate this photo is a hoax.
That being said, this is of course no guarantee, but since I’ve found nothing as of yet, let’s continue to explore this photo as if it is legit, shall we?

First up, no, there’s no way it’s a gorilla. That was my first thought too so I instantly googled gorillas.

Naturally the gorillas wouldn’t pose in the exact same way as the Ranchita Bigfoot, but you can pretty clearly still see that there’s way too much of a snout/ protruding mouth area there for a gorilla to be the Ranchita Bigfoot.
They are very similar though. Which makes it even more interesting.

It really can’t be a man in a suit. RanchitaBigfoot
Look at the detail of the hair, the different shades and hues, look at the ears.

Until I hear something new, I will consider this the best Bigfoot photo out there at this point in time.

8 thoughts on “Ranchita Bigfoot photo”

  1. Agreed! I always wondered while this wasn’t in greater circulation. You haven’t eliminated photoshop type of manipulation. I wouldn’t know how you could tell.

  2. I wouldn’t either. I’m sure it could be some sort of manipulation, but it does seem like a lot of work for no credit at all, since this photo hasn’t exactly gone viral.
    Still, no way to really know unless you’re the one who took the photo.

  3. I’ve never seen the photo before and I’ve seen so many, I’ve lost count, it certainly looks legitimate, It’s clear, it’s detailed, it’s wonderful, so I’m suspicious purely because it’s not out there and we’ll known, why? But certainly looks real. Thank you hedgehog.

  4. Brow, nose and chin (look close) obscured by twigs, could still be a gorilla in a zoo. Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) with a snout are sometimes seen but the ‘common’ bigfoot has a human face, without a snout.
    My idea is: the photo is real, the title is fake.

    c. S.

  5. The reason this photo wasn’t more popular is that there is another photo with a wider angle showing that this is a gorilla in an enclosure in a zoo.

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