I really can’t stand humans a lot of the time…

They have an opinion, an ideal, a conviction.
They keep repeating that opinion.
They surround themselves with people agreeing with their opinion.
They cut off anyone disagreeing.
They gather in groups.
They make up slogans and do everything they can to inflame each other to further their belief that their opinion is the right opinion.
Soon all doubt, all critical thinking is gone.
They believe anything anyone from their group tells them.
They get more and more aggressive.
They feel righteous, justified using any means to reach their goal.
Then war happens.
Death, despair, horrendous suffering.
After enough people die, war ends.
Then it starts anew.

Over and freaking over. People NEVER get smarter. Ever.
They keep clinging to sides.
“If you’re not on the left side then you’re with those awful right-siders!”
People are flat.
Two dimensional.
It’s this way or that way.
We live in 3D!
There are more than two sides!
The Muslims are not the root of all evil.
Neither are the Zionists.
It’s not Russia.
It’s not America.
Not the democrats.
Not the republicans.
The root is human nature.
It freaking sucks.

Survivorman goes squatching

Through the years I’ve enjoyed watching various survival shows on TV. Not because I’m particularly into survival per se but I’m heavily into nature and learning new things. I loathe survival shows that try to be Fear Factor, you know what I’m talking about.
I want it real.
I like Cody Lundin a lot (I tend to walk barefoot a lot and I like how that for once isn’t considered “so weird”…) and I especially like Les Stroud, a.k.a. Survivorman.
I’ve watched just about everything with him. I love how nothing about his show is fake. If he can’t find food one night then he goes hungry. It’s what survival really is. It’s not as easy as other shows try to make it out to be.
It’s “not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah…”
Well, something like that.
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