10 thoughts on “Dogman Sightings- New York”

  1. Hi! I actually live in new York:) I was wondering if you heard of any stories from the south of ny….like just above new York city, perhaps Westchester, putnam, dutchess counties?

  2. The one from “Southern NY” might be from there, or somewhere else. They haven’t released the exact location.
    Other than that, there was a DM at a turnpike ramp off Montgomery Street in NY, but that’s all I’ve heard of in that area.

  3. I have kind of an emergency..ironic, very, but two nights ago, I saw one. In my window, it was back last night, I live in a trailer, am terrified, and have no idea what to do…I think it was a juvie, seven foot tall, dark hair, but I only saw its face, very long muzzle, a bit too long, tall ears straight up and pointy, with a little curl at the tips, the eyes were red, but the kind of red that shines when some light gets through..two days later, my landlady, who lives seven minutes drive from me, lots of land, farm area, said she went to get her firepit from her she’d, heard deep low growling, became terrified, and ran….she’s a tough girl, and has no idea about these things, she doesn’t believe in bigfoot, I don’t even talk to her about this stuff, well, the next morning she found ten mutilated chickens, three ducks, and her three year old golden retriever disappeared the night before and hasn’t been seen since. These chickens and ducks weren’t food…they were just torn to shreds. She thinks it’s a bear. I didnt ask any details, and have not investigated…she’s my landlady, she would freak if I started talking to her about stuff she doesn’t even believe exist. I think it moved on towards that way because there’s lots of farms there…theres nothing here for it, if it’s looking for food that is. I don’t understand though why it just tears things up, like, what does it eat? And why didn’t it eat the chickens? Why just tear them up?
    Where do you want me to send the pic to?

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      Oh my God! What a situation you’ve got!
      Well first of all, I would stay inside after dark with doors and windows locked. Don’t leave pets outside either.
      You might be right about it moving on since your landlady’s area seems to hold more potential food for it.
      Why it rips animals apart without eating them? God only knows. Sadistic?
      Don’t shoot at it. Make sure all entryways to your home are locked.
      It may seem like a creature such as this should be able to break down doors and windows to enter but for some reason they don’t seem to. At least not unless they are shot at.
      Pray. I know it may sound corny but genuine prayer does seem to help.
      Please send any photos to cloakedhedgehog@gmail.com

  4. I sent the photo and details to the email provided. Apologies for taking so long. I am still having activity here, but it seems to be staying about seven miles away, at my landlady’s house…she found a 14 inch pile of dog crap with hair in it….she now believes it to be a coyote. Smh.
    Last night, I was driving to the reservation for gas, it’s about 20 minutes away, main roads, but, it’s still rural. I passed by a body…looked to be a coyote on the side of the road, however, there was innards and a ton of blood from the middle of the road, to the middle of the lane, puddled in areas. On the way back, about 20 minutes, the body and puddles of blood were gone, but innards remained. It was so odd to me that I turned around twice to look around the area. It was not wet. How did the blood disappear? Maybe my eyes were just, I don’t know, seeing things. The body was gone…the game warden here is NOT that fast. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just freaked now.

  5. I had a very interesting conversation with a woman with excellent credentials, she is an anthropologist, and a Choctaw medicine woman. She explained that they are two different things….two entirely different beings. There is a dogman, incredibly dangerous, cruel killers, then there is a water spirit in the form that appears very much like a dogman, except the water spirit is summoned by people using, or playing with witchcraft. Theres a lot of information, but basically, the person summons a water spirit for protection or revenge against a particular person, or whatever the summoning person wants, and this spirit is simply trying to sustain an existence. It would seem by her explanations that what is around me is a water spirit.

  6. Hi again, sorry for my lateness in replying… Master procrastinator, lol.
    Yes, I’ve seen that photo before. It’s hard to say what it is. We’ve discussed it to pieces in some Dogman groups. To me it looks like a Dogman about to stand up, but there are things about it that look weird. The hind legs for example. Too bad they’re always so sneaky and hide behind things so you can’t get a clear view.
    It would have been immensely interesting to hear the backstory to that pic too. How did the person who took it find him/herself in that situation and what happened afterwards. For example.
    Oh yes, there are actually many types of Dogmen. I’ve always said that in order to get any answers about this subject we must speak to the Native peoples of the world.
    Thank you for your comments!! 🙂

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