Mass Disappearances, part 2

Mass Disappearances, part 1

The lost village at Lake Angikuni


When researching this story I usually found the name of lake spelled Anjikuni. The reason for this is because most writers have been copying a story from a 1959 book called Stranger than Science by Frank Edwards, in which he misspelled the name. Some spreading this story are also claiming that the missing village consisted of two thousand people or more. This is also wrong. They were apparently twenty five.
The story does not originate with Edwards, it goes back at least to 1930 and an article by Emmett E. Kelleher.
As far as I can tell, based on the earliest account of the story I have found here, this is what happened:
Trapper Joe Labelle arrived in the Inuit village in Nunavut, Canada by canoe, finding the settlement empty. Continue reading Mass Disappearances, part 2


Mass Disappearances, part 1

People sometimes go missing under the most mysterious and strange circumstances. One second they’re there and the next they’re not.
Search parties are formed, scanning an increasingly vaster area without luck. K9 units fail to pick up a scent to follow. The whole situation seems off, unnatural.
In the cases where a body is found, or in extremely rare cases the person is found alive, it tends to be either miles away through inhospitable, even impossible terrain, or in an area that has already been thoroughly searched.
Cases like these have been extensively studied by such researchers and authors as David Paulides and Stephen Young. Baffling, fascinating and terrifying cases that seem to defy any sort of rational explanation, making you feel like the world and your existence in it is less solid than you thought. Like you have less of a grip on how life, the world and everything functions than you thought.
It pulls the rug from under you in a way. It’s just severely unsettling.

The only thing even more unsettling are the cases of mass disappearances.
How does a whole village, the whole crew of a ship, a whole regiment just go missing in one single instant?
And what’s to stop it from happening to me or you?

Malaysia flight 370

Most recently, but perhaps to so mysteriously, we have the the missing plane Malaysia Flight 370.
It was on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it disappeared on March 8, 2014 with all of its 227 passengers and 12 staff members.
The mystery is that no remains of the plane or the victims has been found, even after a whole year, despite extensive searches covering millions of square kilometers.
Why it might not be so mysterious? It disappeared over the sea. Most likely it did crash and sink to the sea floor. Only about 40% of the sea floor in the priority search zone has been scanned so far.
This is still a relatively fresh case, there is still a chance it will be resolved.

The where area Malaysia Flight 370 disappeared

Looking back a bit further we find cases that seem a bit harder to explain. Continue reading Mass Disappearances, part 1

What is happening in Wales??

This was actually brand new to me when I first heard about it today. How is that possible?
There is even a Wikipedia page about it. Yet people outside of the the UK are likely never to have heard about it. Something like this ought to have people talking. Everything about it screams unnatural!

Young people in Bridgend County Borrough in Wales, UK are killing themselves by the dozens, and almost all of them are doing so by means of hanging.
From January 2007 through February 2012 no less than 79 deaths by suicide occurred.
And there are probably even more by now.
Why are we not hearing about this??

Why do so many of them choose to hang themselves? Hanging is the most common means of committing suicide by men, but not by women. Yet in Wales almost everyone went with hanging. Even though not all of them were connected to each other.

Overall, suicide rates in Wales are much higher than in the rest of the UK. Why?
Is there something there? Something in the air? The water? Any peculiar facilities…?

The suicide victims in Bridgend were not generally described as brooding or depressed, quite the opposite. Bubbly, easy going are words you often read describing these young people.
Shocked is another. Everybody is shocked. Everybody is wondering what is going on. It doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t.

It’s as if someone is programming these youths. Or if not so sinister, that maybe these young people’s brain react differently to something in the area, maybe something generating sound or waves of some sort.
Could there be a killer doing this? Probably not. In some cases people hung themselves in their home.
This is just horrible! I don’t even have words!
Something is going on in Wales, and someone had better find out what fast!

BRIDGEND REVISITED….,,20595753,00.html

The Bridgend Suicides – Could Theatre be the Cause?


This will most likely be a heavier post. Rant warning.

A lie is defined by Wikipedia as “an intentionally false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not wholly the truth”, which says it pretty well.
People lie a lot. Especially these days.
Something has happened. It’s increasing alarmingly, the lies that feed fear and hatred. Continue reading Lies