Lycanthropous water

I was re-reading an old book, Werwolves by Elliott O’Donnell. In it I found something that I must have missed earlier, or it didn’t mean anything to me at the time. It made me jump a bit,  it’s something that ties into a theory I’ve been contemplating for some time now but haven’t really managed to make it come together as a complete thought.
By now it can’t have escaped anyone that I spend a lot of time thinking about werewolves. One of the things I find so striking about the modern werewolf sightings is that they tend to take place within very close proximity of water.
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Found on Flashback- The cabin, the cats and the old woman

Flashback forum is a Swedish forum about absolutely everything, from science and politics to drugs and the paranormal. It is a source of endless frustration as it’s completely overrun by hateful trolls who simply must comment on everything.  In most threads, especially the paranormal ones, the ratio between trolls and the serious commentators can be as bad as 3- 5: 1. Yet, journeying into this lawless wasteland can sometimes pay off as people talk about strange things that have happened to them, until the poison from the troll’s arrows cause them to fall silent and disappear.
I thought I might write some of my finds down as I can never be sure I will survive my next excursion to the wretched desert of eternal dusk that is flashback forum.
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Lost treasures

Arrr you feeling piratey but think that all good treasures have been found? Well, matey slap on the eye patch and air out the parrot because I’m going to give you some tips:

Awa_Maru_11249gtThe Awa Maru
A Japanese ocean liner that was hit by a torpedo from the  USS Queenfish in 1945.
Rumored to have carried gold, platinum, and diamonds worth more than $5 billion as well as the half a million year old fossil remains of Homo erectus pekinensis.
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The mythical, mystical Ural

The Ural Mountains
The Ural Mountains

I’ve written about the Ural Mountains in my posts about the Dyatlov Pass incident here and here, but that is not the only strange thing about the Urals.
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