The Dyatlov Pass Incident- addendum

The Dyatlov Pass Incident, part 1
The Dyatlov Pass Incident, part 2

Since researching and writing the posts on the Dyatlov Pass incident I haven’t been able to put the incident out of my mind for long.

Recently I’ve been mulling over a new theory I’ve had. However, I’ve been unable to satisfactory explain everything that happened on that fateful night, more specifically the tent…
Here goes:
Theory: meteor/ meteors.
Potential scenario:
Group is in/ around tent. Someone sees a meteor/ they hear a bang, tent is evacuated for unknown reason. Camera snaps photo using a filter designed for shooting under bright conditions.
Meteors are bright. The one that hit Chelyabinsk in 2013 was, at its brightest, 30 times brighter than the sun.
It actually caused severe burns to people’s skins and retinas, which also fits with the Dyatlov incident, as the bodies were very tanned.
Does the last photo taken by the Dyatlov group picture a rushed attempt at photographing a crashing meteor? Continue reading The Dyatlov Pass Incident- addendum

Manchester, England, England

Something unsettling is happening in Manchester. Men are drowning in canals and rivers in numbers that, just by themselves, is cause for alarm.
Add to that mysterious circumstances in many of the cases and you are left feeling that whatever is going on is something more than mere accidents.

In January of this year the official number of men dead from drowning in the Greater Manchester area was 61. And that’s in the last six years.
No particularly mysterious injuries indicating foul play, just death by drowning.
And when I say men I literally mean only men.
61 men in six years.
And no women.
How does that make any statistical sense?
Still, police claim nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Continue reading Manchester, England, England