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Just a short post to let Swedish speakers know that finally, a year after I started this one, my blog in my native tongue is up and running.
It’s called Den skumma kotten and you can find it here.

Here's a picture of a mock orange bush and a bumblebee. Just because.
Here’s a picture of a mock orange bush and a bumblebee. Just because.

Something odd maybe?

I saw a peculiar thing in the sky on Thursday night. It wasn’t dark, it’s midsummer in Sweden so it just never gets particularly dark, but you could see the moon against the blue summer night sky and under it I saw an object moving across the sky. It looked to be sort of cylindrical in shape and seemed to be lit as much as the moon was. It wasn’t dimmer or brighter than the moon, and looked to be the same white color. It moved from right to left, eastward, at about the same speed as a satellite and after watching it for 30 seconds or so it disappeared behind some clouds. It must have been flying at an altitude higher than the clouds then, and the sky was pretty clear and the clouds were light cirrus, which tend to be pretty high up if I remember correctly. I don’t remember ever having seen planes flying at above the clouds altitudes, but I suppose it might have been a plane, though it looked too big to be a plane at that altitude.
I tried to illustrate it on a photo. The moon was slightly fuller than the one in the photo but the sky and the color of the moon looks about right. The weird lines on the left side are supposed to be the clouds, although they had a slight reddish-brown tint due to the low sun.



Edit June 22 22.06:
Just checked the possibility of the object being the ISS but it has had no passes visible in Sweden during this period.

The peculiar message

Reading through my Phantoms and Monsters newsletters I came upon a message that had been sent to MUFON as well as several other researchers and investigators in the years 2008-2010. So far no one has been able to find the original author. In the message “he” claims to be what we refer to as an Extra Terrestrial. Some of the wording and grammar seems a tad peculiar but all-in-all it seems very well put, and a nice idea at the very least.

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Don’t write when angry, I know, but seriously atheists, what is your problem??
I have believed in God my whole life but I may not believe in the most conventional way. I lean towards gnosticism, but the experiences I’ve had, which are very personal to me, makes it impossible for me to NOT believe.


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The Dyatlov Pass Incident, part 2

Read part 1 here.

Autopsy results and more information

Yuri Doroshenko, 21.
Dyatloff_group_115_Dor[1]Born in 1938 he was a student of the UPI university. He was once involved in a relationship with Zina Kolmogorova and even met her parents in Kamensk-Urals. Although they broke up he kept a good relationship with her and Igor Dyatlov.
Doroshenko was one of the two bodies found under the cedar tree and he was wearing a vest and a short sleeve shirt, knit pants and shorts over pants. His pants were badly ripped with one large hole (23 cm in length) on the right side and smaller on the left (13 cm in length). Pants had tears on the inside of the thighs. On his feet he had a pair of wool socks. The left sock was burned. He had no footwear.

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In between the heavy Dyatlov pass posts I feel the need to post this amazing conspiracy theory I just uncovered while I was avoiding going to bed even though I’m dead tired.
China will attack by means of… rubber duckies!!
Listen to this:
In March, a meteor was observed in China after which YELLOW blobs appeared on the ground. Today a news of a new species of YELLOW slug moth being found in China was announced.
China is the land of the YELLOW race. They have the YELLOW sea and, oh… the YELLOW river!
And then I find this article about China banning YELLOW rubber duckies from the celebration of the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
Now why would China ban anything YELLOW? It’s obvious, isn’t it? The rubber duckies are really weapons of mass destruction. Remember Troy people??
Sure, the officials claim the reason is something about memes and twitter, but I see right through that!
The evidence is clear! BEWARE THE DUCKIES!

Ducky of mass destruction
Ducky of mass destruction









Remember, you read it here first.

Going to bed now.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident, part 1

In 1959 something strange happened in Russia. In the Ural mountain chain lies the mountain Kholat Syakhl, which in the local Mansi tongue means Mountain of the dead. The reason for this name is that 9 Mansi hunters once stayed here overnight and were all found dead later. The Mansi people believe the mountain is haunted and hence avoid it.

On the east shoulder of this Mountain of the dead, in an area later to be named the Dyatlov Pass, a group of 9 students and researchers met their strange and untimely deaths in 1959.
Igor Dyatlov, 22, Semen Zolotarev, 38, Lyudmila Dubinina, 21, Nicolai Thibeaux-Brignolle, 25, Alexander Kolevatov, 25, Yuri Krivonischenko, 24, Rustem Slobodin, 23, Yuri Doroshenko, 21 and Zinaida Kolmogorava, 22.

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