The Banana of Safety

Now don’t tell me that title is not making you a bit curious…

The banana is actually a berry, did you know that?
Just a piece of bonus information you can use to impress your friends, but no, this post isn’t really about bananas…

It’s about Dogmen/ Werewolves. Surprise! 😛

What I’m talking about is the more or less banana-shaped area stretching roughly from Saskatchewan, Canada through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and parts of Texas, down toward Mexico. An area with very little going on in terms of Dogman sightings.

The Banana of Safety. Here shown on the map by Her Hedgehogness herself, a.k.a. me
The Banana of Safety. Here shown on the map by Her Hedgehogness herself, a.k.a. me

Now why is this, I ask.
Well, as you can see on the map below, the population density is much lower in this area than in , say, New York.
Still, it’s not deserted by any means, and it’s also not exactly banana-shaped.

Dogman sightings are not the only things that are rare in this area. If you look at this next one depicting Bigfoot sightings you’ll be able to find that peculiar banana-area as well:
Also maps of UFO sightings seem to have a touch of banana going on:

Now is this Banana of Safety merely the result of lower population density leading to fewer reported sightings?
Could there be another reason?
If you look at the Dogman sightings as well as the Bigfoot and UFO ones you can see that they all appear in roughly the same areas.
In the Bigfoot field there is much talk of Bigfoots hanging around areas with a certain levels of precipitation.
Yes, it could be the precipitation, but there’s another thing that stands out.
I think it could be this:

Topography. Altitude.
The banana zone seems to be around that yellow area, which also occurs around the Appalachian Mountain Range in Virginia. Coincidentally there happens to be much fewer sightings in that relatively small area, even though the surrounding areas seem to be ripe with observations of various kinds.
Why would 2000 to 5000 feet be an altitude shunned by Dogmen, Bigfoots and UFO’s alike? They seem to thrive in the lower and higher areas.
I have absolutely no clue.
It might not even be the altitude at all. It could be some other factor we haven’t even thought of yet.
I’m just posting this because it could lead to something further down the line.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have leftovers from a blueberry/ raspberry pie to finish off.
Take care!


3 thoughts on “The Banana of Safety”

  1. Brilliant observations. Your English (American English?) is excellent.
    Your photos are nice as well. Just found your blog and will spend some time looking at your posts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Not only that, but those maps correlate very well to David Paulides’ Missing 411 map which shows clusters of very strange disappearances in National Parks, National Forests, State Parks, etc.

    Not only is there the “banana” corridor running down the prairie states in all these maps, but also the corridor that runs from Mexico and through Nevada, stopping around Oregon and Idaho, is there on all the maps.

    Perhaps implying that the Missing 411 cases have to do with Bigfoot, or Canis Erectus, or Extraterrestrials, or all three and maybe more.

    But glancing at the maps just gives us an overall impression, albeit a striking one. A more detailed examination needs to be done, and various factors considered, to give us a clearer picture.

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