The arm that never ends…

The arm I wrote about earlier, the possible primate arm that was said to be an alligator leg, may not be an alligator leg…
According to Robert Lindsay over at Beyond Highbrow the arm in the released photos IS in fact an alligator leg. The real arm that was found has apparently been sold to an unknown person in Ohio for 500,000 USD.
The story basically goes like this:
Stacy Brown Jr was in possession of an arm that had been dug out of the ground by a dog. As soon as the story broke, Brown was contacted by a man who wanted to buy the arm. Brown initially said no but reconsidered when his asking price of 500,000 USD was accepted.
Brown then got himself an alligator leg from a taxidermist and presented that to the world as the arm that was found.
The leg/”arm” was then DNA tested and turned out to be- an alligator leg.
End of story.

That is until now.

I don’t know if this story is true. In some ways it does seem as if it could be. It seems strange that a FWS scientist wouldn’t know a primate arm from an alligator leg.
And Brown never ever seems to give any clear answers unless it’s on a radio show. He does seem to be more interested in making money and becoming famous than really finding the truth.
I said seems. I don’t know. There are just some red flags flying around.

Stacy Brown’s next radio appearance where he will explain the whole situation is set for Thursday at 11 pm EST according to his Facebook page. Doesn’t say where however…

In any case, the arm can be  1. an alligator leg or  2. in the possession of a rich Bigfoot collector in Ohio, in which case we’ll never find out what it truly was. This really should be the end of this story, but somehow I have a feeling it won’t be…

The weird arm

The remains of a strange looking arm has been recovered by The Sasquatch Hunters.
So far the arm has been ruled out as being from a bear or a human by FWC officials. A biologist claims it comes from a primate of some sort.

The bones were found in Florida and attempts to find the rest of the remains will be made. Tests will be carried out on the bones to determine the species.

Naturally everyone is hoping for the arm to have come from a Skunk Ape.
I doubt that. If so, then it’s from an infant. The arm simply isn’t big enough.
Still, it’s always exciting when something like this happens.