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It cannot be!

Hello my friends! How have you all been?
Today I want to talk a bit about Dogmen for a change… 😛
The reason is that the more you study this subject the harder it becomes to call them Dogmen at all, for reasons I will soon mention. Still, do I have a better term?
No, not really. Even the old name werewolf doesn’t quite fit. I’ll soon tell you why.
I can feel this is going to be a long post…


The term Dogman comes from Michigan. It was the name early observers gave it in an effort to make it fit somewhere, somehow.
I’m sure at the time this was the best way this beast of a creature could be defined, but now it’s been several decades since this being was brought forth into the mainstream mindset via Linda Godfrey’s books, and it might be time to re-think the name.

First of all, not all Dogmen are created equal, however they must be equal enough to belong to the same species. Continue reading It cannot be!