I was stirred out of hibernation… 2500 views yesterday? What the flying banana bread?
Oh, someone posted a link to reddit. OK. Thank you!

About hibernation. I’m almost done but not completely. Today I read a cryptozoological report for the first time in a month. It was at Linda Godfrey’s blog. Naturally.
I have about a million Phantoms and Monsters newsletters to catch up on, but that’s just something I’m looking forward to.

I now spend my time being married to Gunther Goth, raising 6 kids and writing a lot of books in our ginormous mansion… Yes, in The Sims 3.
Don’t judge. My brain needs to completely drain itself of 2013 before it can properly tackle 2014. This is best accomplished by playing computer games. Ooo, I love building houses!
Screenshot-41 (2)
Now to download some mods to create my very own Sephiroth…
Yesss… my preciousss…
Sleep well peepies!