The troll situation in Sweden

Gullgruva och forn 055b
Sweden is the country with the worst cryptozoological climate I have found so far. We are Sweden, rational, scientific Sweden with the Nobel Prize and all that. How dare you assume there could be creatures out there not known by The Holy Science?!
Yet in the olden days, folklore and folk beliefs were extremely rife here. Just imagine the good old days when the legacy of Odin was law .
Norden_r_912The Northland part of Sweden was the last to be integrated and converted to Christianity. The Asatru lived on up here for much longer and we fiercely resisted being forcefully converted. We may have chased an apostle sent from Bremen in Germany and stoned him to death after he destroyed some of our heathen altars and knocked over a few stones of blood sacrifice. This happened in 1060. We may also have done the same with a tax collector from Sweden proper in 1317 for daring to consider us a part of Sweden they could squeeze extra income from.
Eventually we were incorporated into Sweden proper but I think many of us in Northland still feel that the heathen savage is still in our genes, even though he’s suppressed by a thin layer of civilization.
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Bear, right…

So Bryan Sykes…has conducted a study…
The Yeti is a bear…
A bear. Yup.
Not just any old bear, it’s an ancient polar bear. Alternatively a new species, a hybrid between polar bears and brown bears.
Two whole hair samples were studied. Two samples found, not in relation to Yeti sighting, just in areas where Yeti’s have occasionally been seen.
Guess what else has been seen in that area? Uhm, Idk, could it be…bears?
One of the samples came from Bhutan, the other from an area in the Himalayas known as Ladakh.
See distribution of brown bear map
So, Bryan Sykes, Yeti, bear.
Mainstream media: “Oh golly! This is something we can accept! A perfectly sensible explanation! Let’s get behind this immediately!”

Is it possible, maybe even probable that Sykes’ hair samples were actually…bear?

Science vs science

Something has been happening. A movement is underway.
A new religion which denounces all religion and therefore is able to fly under the radar. A philosophy whose very core is “truth” and therefore cannot be refuted. A movement which hides behind the name of something most respectable and therefore blurs the view and sneaks in undetected, takes hold and will already be too firmly established by the time people realize what is going on.
I sadly foresee a horribly dystopian future and I’m actually not kidding. Not at all.
Science has become the new religion and its followers refer to themselves as atheists.
I know there are “peaceful” atheists in the world as well and this post is in no way directed at them.
This is about the practically militant atheists of this new movement. Every opinion they have can be backed by scientific evidence and therefore they are “untouchable”, safe.

So, what’s wrong with that?
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