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To be honest

The time is out of joint—O cursèd spite.
I can’t be fricking bothered to set it right.
Partial quote from Hamlet.

Some readers have pointed out that I haven’t posted in a while.
I am aware.
There is a reason.
It took me a while to get a grasp on that reason though. All I knew was that I was unhappy about a lot of things.
Amateur cryptozoology is what’s out of joint.
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Go fund Lon & Vanessa Strickler

Lon Strickler, the publisher of the Phantoms and Monsters site and newsletter and several other projects, and author of several books , has started a fundraiser.
His wife Vanessa is suffering from colon cancer and is in treatment, and with Mr. Strickler being on disability you can imagine the bills are beginning to pile up.
If you can, please donate, even if you can only give a little. It would surely help them out a lot.

Vanessa’s Medical Support Fund

Manchester, England, England

Something unsettling is happening in Manchester. Men are drowning in canals and rivers in numbers that, just by themselves, is cause for alarm.
Add to that mysterious circumstances in many of the cases and you are left feeling that whatever is going on is something more than mere accidents.

In January of this year the official number of men dead from drowning in the Greater Manchester area was 61. And that’s in the last six years.
No particularly mysterious injuries indicating foul play, just death by drowning.
And when I say men I literally mean only men.
61 men in six years.
And no women.
How does that make any statistical sense?
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What is happening in Wales??

This was actually brand new to me when I first heard about it today. How is that possible?
There is even a Wikipedia page about it. Yet people outside of the the UK are likely never to have heard about it. Something like this ought to have people talking. Everything about it screams unnatural!

Young people in Bridgend County Borrough in Wales, UK are killing themselves by the dozens, and almost all of them are doing so by means of hanging.
From January 2007 through February 2012 no less than 79 deaths by suicide occurred.
And there are probably even more by now.
Why are we not hearing about this??

Why do so many of them choose to hang themselves? Hanging is the most common means of committing suicide by men, but not by women. Yet in Wales almost everyone went with hanging. Even though not all of them were connected to each other.

Overall, suicide rates in Wales are much higher than in the rest of the UK. Why?
Is there something there? Something in the air? The water? Any peculiar facilities…?

The suicide victims in Bridgend were not generally described as brooding or depressed, quite the opposite. Bubbly, easy going are words you often read describing these young people.
Shocked is another. Everybody is shocked. Everybody is wondering what is going on. It doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t.

It’s as if someone is programming these youths. Or if not so sinister, that maybe these young people’s brain react differently to something in the area, maybe something generating sound or waves of some sort.
Could there be a killer doing this? Probably not. In some cases people hung themselves in their home.
This is just horrible! I don’t even have words!
Something is going on in Wales, and someone had better find out what fast!

BRIDGEND REVISITED….,,20595753,00.html

The Bridgend Suicides – Could Theatre be the Cause?


Writing a post is a great way to learn more about something and today I really wanted to know everything about GMO, genetically modified organisms.
We keep hearing angry people bashing GMO like it’s a weapon of mass destruction and then we see the President of the (military-wise) most powerful country in the world backing something like Monsanto, the “evil” king of GMO. Being from the wonderfully neutral and usually rational Sweden I thought I’d find out what’s real and what’s not when it comes to GMO.

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The Hedgehog Went to the Hospital

For Halloween this year I decided to go all out and have my throat cut, or as the surgeons call it, have a  parathyroidectomy.
As much fun as this seems to be I would probably not recommend it to anyone else. At least not as a fun halloween-thing…

Seriously, for some reason one of my parathyroid glands (4 rice grained sized little buggers behind your thyroid gland) started to misbehave. It decided that it alone was responsible for supplying the world with calcium, and that my blood was the medium to use. It grew big and knocked the poor other 3 parathyroids out and started its evil quest for calcium domination. It sucked calcium out of my bones and food and everything it could think of and proceeded to dump it in my blood, thinking it would be richly rewarded. But despite its efforts nothing nice was coming its way. The job description for 1 of 4 parathyroid glands did NOT say anything about rewards being greater the more you work… So ultimately I had to let it go. Sad, sure, but it was causing disgruntlement in the workplace and the other employees were just sleeping on the job.
Thus, on October 31 I got on a train and went to the Uppsala University hospital.

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Lately I have been bicycling a lot around the rural parts around the small city I live in. It has become obvious to me that I live smack in the middle of paradise.
When I grew up in this town I, like everybody else growing up here, thought it was hell on earth. Söderhamn has about 12 000 people living in it. 25 000 counting the “suburbs”. This, growing up, we found embarrassingly tiny and we all wanted to move to Stockholm, or even better, the U.S.A. That’s where the action was.
But now, at this stage in my life, right before turning 40, I have completely different values.
Sweden is gorgeous. So gorgeous it takes your breath away.
And I’m sure, if you go looking, you’ll find that you live in paradise too!

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I thought I would point out this ancient, but very underrated form of healing.
This one rings true to me, in an intuitive way. It makes sense to me somehow. And if you learn it, it’s very accessible and cheap! ; )
If you are not as bendy as I am, try to persuade your significant other or a friend to learn about this together with you.

The concept of reflexology is that when something in the body isn’t in balance, if it’s sick or something, that will manifest in certain areas of the feet (or hands, ears or back) which corresponds to the problematic body part.
Wall paintings have been found in ancient Egyptian burial charmbers, depicting reflexology treatment. The paintings are from around  year 2330 B.C.

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