The Sounds, part 3

Just a little added info and a thought.
List of many, many of these strange sounds, all except one are from 2012:

Thought: It just hit me, that the one from Borneo included in the list above, is the ONLY one I’ve ever heard that comes from the southern hemisphere…
Now why is that?

The Sounds, part 2. Introducing Bluebeam

OK…. The sounds are really starting to get to me…

What the heck are they?

They scare me, but at the same time I keep the conspiracy theory Project Bluebeam in mind.

Supposedly, Project Bluebeam is an attemt on a HUGE scale by the New World Order to take over the world and have the antichrist rule it. In short. More information here:

So, if they want us to believe an alien invasion/ the rapture is near, they are doing a very good job at it!



Listen to some more sounds:


If Bluebeam is real, that could explain a lot! The technology that exists today would certainly make it possible.

It might even explain all the crazy, paranormal things going on today. Even the BEK (Black-eyed kids) phenomenon, that has puzzled me greatly.

It would explain all the latest massive increase in UFO sightings. Every day there are new sky…things… They don’t look like UFO’s are supposed to look at all anymore. Just strange light anomalies.

May be worth keeping Bluebeam in mind in the future. Not be overwhelmed by things…


The Sounds, part 1

UFO’s have never really interested me. Don’t get me wrong, should something significant happen in regards to them, like one of them landing in the middle of the field during the Super Bowl and aliens stepping out and zapping everyone, I would be as interested as the next guy.

However, these constant tales of eye witness encounters… What do they add to the puzzle? About 58 gazillion people have by now reported seeing a “strange light or craft”, and as exciting as I’m sure that is for them, just another reported sighting adds very little information.

I must though, concede that the sightings in the past few years have increased dramatically! At least judging from what I read at my different paranormal sites.

Something may be abrew.

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Black Eyed Kids

Time to get down to business.
BEK’s, for lack of a better name have rattled the very core of me since the first time I heard about them.
These are (usually) kids, around 8-15 years old, which seem to seek people out and ask to be allowed entry into their homes, or in at least one case, car.
The scary thing about these kids is not so much their general appearance, but their demeanor. And, of course, their completely black eyes. No whites, no shine. Like two black holes…
People having these encounters often talk about experiencing a feeling of dread, primal fear.

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Fiend in feline shape


I was going to write a post yesterday, but sadly something came up.

It was going to be a wonderful post, about flowers and candy and butterflies and caramel sauce. I would have been giving away a brand new car to anyone who read it, as well as a lovely house in Hawaii and 5 000 000 USD.
Now this turned out to be impossible due to the fact that I was severely lacking a functioning keyboard.

Oh, I don’t know… Maybe it had something to do with this beast in feline shape that, in spite of countless warnings and unmistakable evil looks from yours truly, decided it was quite all right for him to jump up on the table and start pulling at the mock orange flowers in a vase next to the keyboard…
Need I say more?

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Thought forms manifested?

Now this is something I have been, if not really worrying about, then at least pondered for a few years now.
If you can visualize it, does it get created?


In Tibetan Buddhism we read about tulpas and how powerful they can actually become.
Is this a myth only, or can we, theoretically, create a physical manifestation of our thoughts?

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The study of hidden animals. The search for animals whose existence has not been proven.
Mmmmm. Yummy! Me like!

The early days
I don’t know what it is, but I devour every report of cryptid sightings I can find! The first ones I read about were those story book type monsters. In Sweden we believe, at least in the past, in trolls and gnomes, sprites and little people.
Yes, those are all lovely and nice, but my interst was really triggered for real the first time I read about Mothman when I was 11-12.

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I thought I would point out this ancient, but very underrated form of healing.
This one rings true to me, in an intuitive way. It makes sense to me somehow. And if you learn it, it’s very accessible and cheap! ; )
If you are not as bendy as I am, try to persuade your significant other or a friend to learn about this together with you.

The concept of reflexology is that when something in the body isn’t in balance, if it’s sick or something, that will manifest in certain areas of the feet (or hands, ears or back) which corresponds to the problematic body part.
Wall paintings have been found in ancient Egyptian burial charmbers, depicting reflexology treatment. The paintings are from around  year 2330 B.C.

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Well hiya!

Who am I?

My whole life has been a journey, an endless quest to uncover pieces. Pieces of the truth, of what lies beyond the matrix. I believe my spirit, IF reincarnation is real, I might have started this in a previous life.
I say IF, because I have found enough pieces to know that I know nothing.
Nothing can be etched in stone as absolute truth, not one single thing.

Our minds usually tend to occupy themselves with worldly, material things. It’s what we see, what we feel, and therefore what we cling to as “the truth”.
Because what would we be if we really could grasp that the whole material world is an illusion, just a dream? We would be drifting in space, with no sense of direction. We would be alone. It would be the ultimate chaos and we will fight that with everything we got!
I’m no different.
I hate drifting around alone in space. Way too cold and dried space food sucks!
Yes, I’m speaking metaphorically, but sometimes I wonder… maybe the metaphor is in fact the truth?

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