The Banana of Safety

Now don’t tell me that title is not making you a bit curious…

The banana is actually a berry, did you know that?
Just a piece of bonus information you can use to impress your friends, but¬†no, this post isn’t really about bananas…

It’s about Dogmen/ Werewolves. Surprise! ūüėõ

What I’m talking about is the more or less¬†banana-shaped area stretching roughly from Saskatchewan, Canada through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and parts of Texas, down toward Mexico. An area with very little going on in terms of Dogman sightings.

The Banana of Safety. Here shown on the map by Her Hedgehogness herself, a.k.a. me
The Banana of Safety. Here shown on the map by Her Hedgehogness herself, a.k.a. me

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The Cloaked Hedgehog turns three!

3yearsThree years of weirdness already. Time flies and blah blah ūüėõ
My midsummer cake will have to double as a Hedgehog birthday cake.
Thank you to all the readers and may the hedgehog stay weird for a long time yet!
midsommar 001b


When looking for information on the Windigo/Wendigo one is first informed that it is a creature from Algonquian lore, which is correct and straight forward.
After that one is given a mish-mash of mythology and peculiar descriptions of a creature who is pretty much impossible to make heads or tails of:

It’s a cannibal.
It’s a spirit of the North with a heart of ice and taller than the pine trees.
It’s a half man, half caribou creature.
It’s an evil spirit, emaciated, pale, crawling on all fours.

From Wikipedia

Can it really be all those things?
Could it be that The Algonquian peoples, who once inhabited most of Eastern and Middle Canada, as well as parts of the Eastern and Middle US, actually had several legends describing several creatures?
Could it be that through the years and generations, bits have been added, others forgotten?
Could it maybe even be that this Windigo has been taking on traits of other mythological beings as the lines between legends have been blurred by time?

To address the cannibalistic trait one must first remember that to be a cannibal one has to eat ones own species. A man-eating lion is not a cannibal. A lion-eating lion would be.
For the Windigo to be cannibalistic, in the sense that it eats humans, it would have to be human in the first place.
Cannibalism was an enormous taboo with the Algonquian peoples, yet the cold and the lack of food would sometimes drive people to these hideous acts.
The only way to make sense of something so senseless would then be if they were affected by an unclean, evil spirit.

Nowadays we call it Windigo psychosis. The insatiable desire to consume human flesh, even when other food is available.
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K-9 or Type 3

Terminology can be pretty confusing when dealing with cryptozoology. Terms are coined in an attempt to categorize certain features and to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Dogmen, which is the PC term to use nowadays,¬†to separate the phenomenon from the “Hollywood Werewolf”, tend to come in two officially recognized types:
Canine (K-9) or Type 3.

I wouldn’t say I have a serious problem with this terminology, but it does bother me to some extent.

First of all, Hollywood did not invent the term Werewolf. That name goes back hundreds of years, and the concept of it many thousands.
I tend to sometimes use the term werewolf on my blog simply because that was its name while I was growing up, and I have truly been interested in these creatures my entire life.
It’s like a calling, a mission almost.

Second, the categories of K-9 and Type 3:
varisenK-9/ Canine is the one I tend to think of as the “proper Werewolf/ Dogman”. It has the build of a gigantic dog or wolf but can walk upright like a human at times. The legs are “bent backwards”, as in it has legs like a dog.

The Beast of Seven Chutes

Type 3 is actually referred to as a Type 3 Bigfoot, and it’s built much more like a simian being.
It just happens to come with a snout reminiscent of a baboon-type creature. The legs are straight like a human’s or a Bigfoot’s.

A photo taken in Sept Chutes in southern Quebec, Canada in 2005 may have caught this type of creature.

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Dogman DNA

I’m a supporter of Dr. Melba Ketchum and her research into the genetic¬†makeup of cryptozoological beings such as Bigfoot and Dogman.
If you are not then ask yourself why?
Was it because someone you respect produced a snarky comment and you wish to stay on their good side? If so- bad reason.
Yes, Dr. Ketchum¬†refers to herself as a self trained geneticist. Is that what’s bothering you? Unless there’s a piece of paper to prove it you don’t believe people can know anything about anything?
In that case you shouldn’t be here in the first place. I have no papers stating that I know anything about anything but I claim to know quite a lot¬†none the less. And I keep learning more every single day.

About genetic testing though I claim to know very little. I can’t decidedly say whether the testing was done in a satisfactory way or not since I don’t know enough to process the information that is out there effectively and correctly.
I do however know that the testing¬†didn’t involve a self trained geneticist sitting around in her basement messing with vials and test tubes…
The genetic testing of the Bigfoot samples have been made at laboratories at different universities. There’s no arguing the scientific method involved in¬†this.
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Ranchita Bigfoot photo

RanchitaBigfootfullHow come this photo, allegedly taken in 2011 in Ranchita, California isn’t more well known?
I have seen all the blurry, vague photos of Bigfoot out there, but this one, if real, is the very best one I have ever seen.
Now, note the “if real”. I did google, backwards and forwards, by many different search terms, but found nothing that would indicate this photo is a hoax.
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Go fund Lon & Vanessa Strickler

Lon Strickler, the publisher of the Phantoms and Monsters site and newsletter and several other projects, and author of several books , has started a fundraiser.
His wife Vanessa is suffering from colon cancer and is in treatment, and with Mr. Strickler being on disability you can imagine the bills are beginning to pile up.
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