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The Big Bad Wolf?

I need to address a subject that I know a lot of people will have a hard time with.
Lately we’ve been hearing about these reports of killings of humans by one or more unknown canines.
The official explanation is that packs of stray dogs are killing these people, or, in the cases where the killing takes place in their homes, that their own pup turned against them.
In a few of the cases I’ve heard of I can say that I simply don’t have enough information to claim that the story is a cover, though in quite a number of cases the official story just doesn’t hold water.

For a long time the general view of Dogman in cryptozoological circles was that they probably didn’t kill. Sure, they’d scare the crap out of you, but once they had chased you out of an area they would return to their relatively peaceful existence.
Many still hold this belief and I respect it, but personally I have always been convinced that they are more dangerous than that.

Reports of relatively “peaceful” encounters with Dogman abound, and by peaceful I simply mean the witnesses lived to tell their story.
Few have reported the Dogman actually causing physical harm.
Many however have reported a feeling that their lives were in danger. Almost every witness perceived the Dogman as emanating malice, anger and sometimes pure evil.
It’s the eyes.
Those who didn’t see the eyes appear to be more positive in the description of the encounter and they seem much less traumatized by it.
Not being a witness myself (as far as I can remember at least) I have often wondered what those eyes look like. They can’t just look like animal eyes as I have never heard of anyone describing an animal as having “evil eyes”.
There must be something different about the eyes of a Dogman. Continue reading The Big Bad Wolf?



In the Bigfoot world many are finding it hard to accept the concept of Dogman as a separate entity, not related to Bigfoots.
It’s peculiar, even knowing that most people look down on the Bigfooters and ridicule their convictions, they do the same to those witnessing a Dogman.

The Dogman believers accept the idea of it being a living, breathing, mostly physical creature. Most of them completely discount the old ideas of a physical transformation taking place since by the laws of physics that is supposedly impossible.
We are enlightened people of today, Dogman can exist as long as it behaves and does its thing within the boundaries of physical reality as we know it.

Yet constantly Dogman, and Bigfoot as well, break the shackles we try to bind them with. They disappear into thin air, they prove impervious to bullets.
Tell me then how the logical reaction to this is to ignore it? To pretend it never happened?
To keep clinging to the idea that us humans have a fairly good grip on how the universe works and anything behaving in an unnatural way is an anomaly, an anomalies are best left ignored?

All the universe, our known universe, and everything in it- suns, planets, comets, what have you-all of it amounts to 4,9% of ordinary matter.
4.9% is everything we can see, smell, touch.
The rest, 95.1%, is dark matter and dark energy.
Everything we know= 4.9%
Everything we don’t know: 95.1% Continue reading 95.1%

Manchester, England, England

Something unsettling is happening in Manchester. Men are drowning in canals and rivers in numbers that, just by themselves, is cause for alarm.
Add to that mysterious circumstances in many of the cases and you are left feeling that whatever is going on is something more than mere accidents.

In January of this year the official number of men dead from drowning in the Greater Manchester area was 61. And that’s in the last six years.
No particularly mysterious injuries indicating foul play, just death by drowning.
And when I say men I literally mean only men.
61 men in six years.
And no women.
How does that make any statistical sense?
Still, police claim nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Continue reading Manchester, England, England

What is happening in Wales??

This was actually brand new to me when I first heard about it today. How is that possible?
There is even a Wikipedia page about it. Yet people outside of the the UK are likely never to have heard about it. Something like this ought to have people talking. Everything about it screams unnatural!

Young people in Bridgend County Borrough in Wales, UK are killing themselves by the dozens, and almost all of them are doing so by means of hanging.
From January 2007 through February 2012 no less than 79 deaths by suicide occurred.
And there are probably even more by now.
Why are we not hearing about this??

Why do so many of them choose to hang themselves? Hanging is the most common means of committing suicide by men, but not by women. Yet in Wales almost everyone went with hanging. Even though not all of them were connected to each other.

Overall, suicide rates in Wales are much higher than in the rest of the UK. Why?
Is there something there? Something in the air? The water? Any peculiar facilities…?

The suicide victims in Bridgend were not generally described as brooding or depressed, quite the opposite. Bubbly, easy going are words you often read describing these young people.
Shocked is another. Everybody is shocked. Everybody is wondering what is going on. It doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t.

It’s as if someone is programming these youths. Or if not so sinister, that maybe these young people’s brain react differently to something in the area, maybe something generating sound or waves of some sort.
Could there be a killer doing this? Probably not. In some cases people hung themselves in their home.
This is just horrible! I don’t even have words!
Something is going on in Wales, and someone had better find out what fast!

BRIDGEND REVISITED….,,20595753,00.html

The Bridgend Suicides – Could Theatre be the Cause?


This will most likely be a heavier post. Rant warning.

A lie is defined by Wikipedia as “an intentionally false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not wholly the truth”, which says it pretty well.
People lie a lot. Especially these days.
Something has happened. It’s increasing alarmingly, the lies that feed fear and hatred. Continue reading Lies

The huge mindf*ck

Sometimes I feel that this, what I’m dealing with here- cryptozoology- is just this huge mindf*ck… Pardon my French.

I’ve been reading, among other things, the books 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story and 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Nightmare Continues by Christine Dela-Parker. They are about a family who are, well I think it’s safe to say cursed, by the presence of Bigfoots in their neighborhood.
Unlike other Bigfoot books, here you’ll also get to see the filmed footage and listen to the audio recordings the family has captured. Plus it’s going on RIGHT NOW. Meaning there will most likely be more books. Maybe even really great evidence. I really recommend these books. You won’t even be able to put them down. The only problem with them is that they end. Why do good books do this? Someone should really fix that. 😉 Continue reading The huge mindf*ck

The arm that never ends…

The arm I wrote about earlier, the possible primate arm that was said to be an alligator leg, may not be an alligator leg…
According to Robert Lindsay over at Beyond Highbrow the arm in the released photos IS in fact an alligator leg. The real arm that was found has apparently been sold to an unknown person in Ohio for 500,000 USD.
The story basically goes like this:
Stacy Brown Jr was in possession of an arm that had been dug out of the ground by a dog. As soon as the story broke, Brown was contacted by a man who wanted to buy the arm. Brown initially said no but reconsidered when his asking price of 500,000 USD was accepted.
Brown then got himself an alligator leg from a taxidermist and presented that to the world as the arm that was found.
The leg/”arm” was then DNA tested and turned out to be- an alligator leg.
End of story.

That is until now.

I don’t know if this story is true. In some ways it does seem as if it could be. It seems strange that a FWS scientist wouldn’t know a primate arm from an alligator leg.
And Brown never ever seems to give any clear answers unless it’s on a radio show. He does seem to be more interested in making money and becoming famous than really finding the truth.
I said seems. I don’t know. There are just some red flags flying around.

Stacy Brown’s next radio appearance where he will explain the whole situation is set for Thursday at 11 pm EST according to his Facebook page. Doesn’t say where however…

In any case, the arm can be  1. an alligator leg or  2. in the possession of a rich Bigfoot collector in Ohio, in which case we’ll never find out what it truly was. This really should be the end of this story, but somehow I have a feeling it won’t be…

If I was a cryptid, where would I come from?

Cryptids come in many shapes and sizes. Colors vary, skin texture, fur or no fur, sometimes scales. Some cryptids crawl, some swim, some fly, but most sightings tend to involve cryptids with a certain similar characteristic, namely bipedalism.
Barring lake monsters and the occasional Mongolian Death Worm, most sightings seem to be of something with two legs, just like us humans.
Bigfoot, dogman/werewolves, the real chupacabras (not the US ones…), the Jersey Devil, goatmen… Even Mothman is bipedal when you think about it.
What could be the reason for this?
I don’t know, but I have three theories. They may all come across as a tad flaky but seriously, we’re dealing with things that seem to be coming straight out of people’s nightmares. I don’t see how you could possibly explain them in a cold, rational manner, unless you simply decide that all the thousands of eye witnesses are lying/ hallucinating. Which wouldn’t be an explanation at all but a cop out.
Continue reading If I was a cryptid, where would I come from?

I really can’t stand humans a lot of the time…

They have an opinion, an ideal, a conviction.
They keep repeating that opinion.
They surround themselves with people agreeing with their opinion.
They cut off anyone disagreeing.
They gather in groups.
They make up slogans and do everything they can to inflame each other to further their belief that their opinion is the right opinion.
Soon all doubt, all critical thinking is gone.
They believe anything anyone from their group tells them.
They get more and more aggressive.
They feel righteous, justified using any means to reach their goal.
Then war happens.
Death, despair, horrendous suffering.
After enough people die, war ends.
Then it starts anew.

Over and freaking over. People NEVER get smarter. Ever.
They keep clinging to sides.
“If you’re not on the left side then you’re with those awful right-siders!”
People are flat.
Two dimensional.
It’s this way or that way.
We live in 3D!
There are more than two sides!
The Muslims are not the root of all evil.
Neither are the Zionists.
It’s not Russia.
It’s not America.
Not the democrats.
Not the republicans.
The root is human nature.
It freaking sucks.

Ragnarok- but I have laundry day then!

Ragnarok, Viking Armageddon is apparently just around the corner.
February 22, 2014.
I should have known something was up, I’ve been sick and I’ve slept like a koala on valium lately. No idea what’s been going on, might as well be Ragnarok.

helmet-sword-axe-shield-vikings-7961434But seriously, how in the world did Danielle Daglan from the Norvik Viking Centre come up with February 22nd? Because it’s the end of the feast jólablót, she says.
It is?
Granted, exactly when jólablót was celebrated/ performed is still in question. The question however is whether it occurred during the winter solstice in December or at mid-winter, which was thought to happen around January 14th. Either way, I doubt it lasted over a month.
Also, it happened every year.
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