Sort of back and thinking of France

I’m around again. Not because I feel much better, I don’t. In some ways I feel worse. Apparently taking a break is not something I’m allowed since all kinds of hell broke loose when I tried.
Long story short; one of the kittens died on Christmas Eve at 7 weeks old, fading kitten syndrome, another one almost died a few weeks after but I fed her boiled water with teeny amounts of sugar and salt in for 24 hours or so and she bounced back.
Two days ago one of my older cats died of old age.
These are the heavy things.
In the annoying things pile we have a gazillion technical things not working as they should and the übergazillion things I’ve had to do to try to fix them.
During this “free time” I’ve been creating houses for The Sims Resource, but absolutely everything that could go wrong did. Murphy has been around a lot, and I mean A LOT! I can’t even go into detail since it frustrates me too much, lol.

French beasts

So anyway, I’m back, and a few things are on my mind nowadays.
One is, for some reason, the “man-eating wolves” that plagued (mostly) Southern France in the 18th century. The things that were “like wolves but they were not wolves”. Continue reading Sort of back and thinking of France