The huge mindf*ck

Sometimes I feel that this, what I’m dealing with here- cryptozoology- is just this huge mindf*ck… Pardon my French.

I’ve been reading, among other things, the books 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story and 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Nightmare Continues by Christine Dela-Parker. They are about a family who are, well I think it’s safe to say cursed, by the presence of Bigfoots in their neighborhood.
Unlike other Bigfoot books, here you’ll also get to see the filmed footage and listen to the audio recordings the family has captured. Plus it’s going on RIGHT NOW. Meaning there will most likely be more books. Maybe even really great evidence. I really recommend these books. You won’t even be able to put them down. The only problem with them is that they end. Why do good books do this? Someone should really fix that. 😉 Some of the videos really baffle me. The mist ones for instance.
The “balloon” one. What in the flying gooseberry muffin?
And why are the Bigfoots throwing orbs at the house.
Yeah they do. And what are the orbs? Are they a light version of what’s sprayed at the camera in the mist videos?
You’ll know what I’m talking about once you read the books and watch the videos on their YouTube channel.

The Bigfoots plaguing the family are exhibiting a behavior I’ve never heard of before. They seem to be able to hear the family talking inside their house and they are mimicking not only them but all kinds of things.
If  it is the Bigfoots doing that.
There may also be dogmen in the area, which is even more baffling because Bigfoots and Dogmen don’t play together, judging by all I read and hear.
Who are good here?
Who are bad?
What do they want?
The family is afraid, for good reason. The Bigfoots are literally terrorizing them. But why?
Are they being evil, or are they trying to get the family to move away on account of the dogmen being in the area? Dogmen who are most definitely VERY bad.
Are the Bigfoots aggressors or protectors?
I know a lot about dogmen. It’s my field. I have never met one however, and I hope I never will.
The Bigfoot investigator the family is in contact with told them Dogmen eat babies, children and people. Which is probably wrong.
If they do I haven’t heard about it, and I hear about a lot.
The worst I’ve heard about was a report Linda Godfrey received about a man who was grazed by fangs as the creature passed him. They will chase and frighten you, but probably not kill you. Then again. Dead people rarely talk about their encounters and a woman was just killed by a “pack of dogs” in Wyoming. ww2d

Speaking of Dogmen. I don’t know if this is just the regular upswing in sightings of dogmen that seems to take place in October/ November every year or if it’s something else, but something is going on and they seem to be getting disturbingly bolder, more forward.
Also, sightings of so-called fleshgaits seem to be on the increase. Just feel I need to put this out there just in case, as a warning.

Why are dogmen incredibly dangerous? Well, if you look at the witnesses description of them, they tend to look like a body builder with the head of a grizzly bear. Roughly.
Point is, they have muscles en masse and that is related to high levels of testosterone, as well as other steroids. Another thing associated with testosterone and other steroids? Aggressiveness. That, coupled with their anatomy, teeth, claws and all makes for a really formidably dangerous creature.
If you’ve ever been attacked by a scared cat you know how much damage they can do, and how quickly. And they are cats…
Dogmen are a smidgen bigger, stronger and badder. I’m sure there’s more to it than that but point is: stay the heck away!

2 thoughts on “The huge mindf*ck”

  1. I have just finished the first edition of 100 bigfoot nights. I categorize it as a maybe, could be true, compelling but I just don’t know. On the plus side, the detail is good and the story fascinating. But some of it doesn’t add up for me. Mrs Parker’s husband seems to behave in an unrealistic manner. She is going ape because of the bigfoot/dogman activity on her doorstep, he seems hardly bothered.
    Also I don’t know why the photos were included, I can only see grey smudges in my book. This wouldn’t stop me reading the next one though…

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