Survivorman goes squatching

Through the years I’ve enjoyed watching various survival shows on TV. Not because I’m particularly into survival per se but I’m heavily into nature and learning new things. I loathe survival shows that try to be Fear Factor, you know what I’m talking about.
I want it real.
I like Cody Lundin a lot (I tend to walk barefoot a lot and I like how that for once isn’t considered “so weird”…) and I especially like Les Stroud, a.k.a. Survivorman.
I’ve watched just about everything with him. I love how nothing about his show is fake. If he can’t find food one night then he goes hungry. It’s what survival really is. It’s not as easy as other shows try to make it out to be.
It’s “not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah…”
Well, something like that.

And now this real, knowledgeable, experienced person has been sucked into the sordid world of Bigfooting.
And by darn I mean that yes, it’s nice to have someone like that in this field. I like some of his outlook on the whole thing. I like how he’s clever enough to turn the question “do you believe in Bigfoot?” around and make it something like “do you believe it could be possible that an ancient species such as Gigantopithecus may have survived in small numbers in certain remote areas?”
I do like that. I like how he’s really considering natural causes and not jumping to conclusions. I do.

What I’m not so happy about is his partnering with Todd Standing. And I’m also not really sold on the Gigantopithecus-thing.
Let’s look at the second reason first. Gigantopithecus was an ancient great ape. In Asia. It went extinct probably about 100 000 years ago. The only things ever found of these creatures are some teeth and mandibles.
Yes, Gigantopithecus blacki is supposed to have stood up to 10 feet tall and would in that respect fit the Bigfoot costume so to speak, but it existed in southeastern Asia…
Granted, it could have wandered across the presumed land bridge in Bering Sea that is believed to have existed during the last ice age.
It could.

Although I’ve never really understood why that land bridge should be so important anyway. The sea around the North Pole freezes during winter.

Winter sea ice thickness in 2008
Winter sea ice thickness in 2008

Most winters form an ice bridge at the Bering Sea and sometimes all the way across from Asia to North America. If one is a Bigfoot, one could just grab a polar bear to snack on and get moving.
So yes, Bigfoot could be a Gigantopithecus blacki. It could. But something just isn’t right there.

As for partnering with Todd Standing… I’m not the kind of blogger who resorts to derogative remarks about individuals (see how I’ve managed to say very little about Rick Dyer…). All I want to say about Todd Standing, not having met him or anything is that the photos and videos he’s produced about what’s been dubbed the Sylvanic Bigfoot do NOT seem real to me. They just don’t. Something about the fuzzy sparkle in the eye maybe, the clarity of the shots.
I don’t know, I wasn’t there. I’m just saying that at this moment in time I believe they are fake.
If it’s a model or CGI or a combination of the two I don’t know. It’s just a gut feeling.
It’s well made. Really. I’m talking uncanny valley–well made, but STILL NOT REAL.

That being said, Mr. Standing may still be a very good Bigfooter, in terms of knowing what to look for, where to go, what to do.

I will continue to track down episodes of Survivorman Bigfoot because I like nature and I like Les.
Though I can’t help thinking:
“that poor guy, he has no idea what sort of hornets’ nest he just stepped into”…
The wonderful world of Bigfoot…


One thought on “Survivorman goes squatching”

  1. Agree, somewhat of a shame about the relationship, given the probability of Mr Standing’s bigfoots being actors in costume or dummy heads– as shown by Steve Kulls he had previously hired actors, and, the blink is very ‘animatronic’… But Mr Stroud had the ability–surely?– to research Mr Standing’s reputation, so. . .what are we to suppose about their union? Is any publicity good publicity? Can these guys not go for long without a TV appearance, even when their credibility is then opened up to debate? And good on you for hardly ever mentioning Mr Dyer! So many commentators in this topic area could learn from you!

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