The fuzzy blue, but color changing, blob muppet and other charming bedtime stories

The fuzzy

In case there was anyone left thinking I started out just a normal girl and might have picked up a quirk or two through the journey of life, let me now relieve you of such illusions and tell you about what happened in my earliest childhood.

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So… Swedish Bigfoot after all?

Like I’ve said, I’m nothing if not persistent.
Weeks ago I read comments in an old thread on a Swedish forum making references to some Bigfoot-sightings in Sweden in the 80’s. Generally speaking, Bigfoots have not been a particularly common part of our local fauna, which I wrote about here: Why are there no Bigfoot in Sweden.
Well, finding out more hasn’t been too easy.  Some days I’d sit and google for up to 8-10 hours, finding all sorts of interesting side tracks, but not a damn thing on Swedish Bigfoots. But last night, at long last, I managed to stumble over another thread in that forum where someone was nice enough to also post a working link.
Of course one must end up on an American website to find out what happened around the corner in the 80’s! Gah! But finally I found someone posting the following (without a working link to the source of course, but it’s pretty much the same story as has been published here: Ignore the occasional bad English, I didn’t write it. Except for the commentaries in red.

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Unexplained natural phenomena

There are phenomena that exist that even science recognizes, but have so far been unable to fully explain.

Ignis fatuus
 and Ball lighting

The will-o’-the-wisp, ghost lights, spook lights, fairy lights, light men, pixy light, chir batti, luz mala, min min lights, irrbloss… The ignis fatuus phenomenon has many names throughout the world. An eerie light seen at night usually over wet areas such as marches, bogs and around lakes.

Spook lights

The phenomenon has been explained to be either the oxidation of various compounds, such as phosphine, diphosphane, methane and carbon dioxide, that may ignite upon contact with oxygen. Chemiluminescence from chemical reactions and bioluminescence from some honey fungus or fireflies are also factors that have been suggested as possible explanations.
Yet, no one can still say with 100% certainty that all ignis fatuus can be explained using these theories.

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The Helsingia lake monsters

The original aqua vitae

Man has always been dependent on water. For transportation, travel, food, health and survival.
Water is the basis for all life. It is where we all began.
Water quells our thirst, it feeds us. To put it simply but also literally, water floats our boats!
But there is another side to water. Like it gives life, it can also take it away.
People drown in water. Ships get crushed by waves of water and the crew is never seen again.
And, the depths of the water may give birth to creatures so unknown that they will only be referred to in whispers by the fire at night.

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Absolutely nothing

I know it’s nothing. Nothing at all.
And yet it’s something.
But most likely it’s nothing, so I’m not going to make something of it.
But it is something.
I must be. I can hear it.
But that’s probably nothing.
Should I even bother posting about this on the off-chance that it might be something?
It’s nothing!
Except for the part that is something…

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Introducing Clive

The sun is flickering just above the horizon when the creature wakes up in the crevice in which he caught a few hours of restless sleep. His time to be at the top of the food chain is about to start. Agile, he jumps down from the rock, stands up and stretches his body. In his mind he’s envisioning a group of deer grazing in a clearing. He can get by on fish, and he has, for weeks, but a deer would really be nice right about now.
As he stealthily begins to move through the forest he catches sight of the rising moon. Not quite full, but he is no fairy-tale creature. He raises his long muzzle and howls…

Meet the Werewolf. The Wolfen. The Wulver, if you will.
In my lengthy discussions about my favorite cryptid with a Facebook friend I have come to call the werewolf Clive, since werewolf takes forever to type, and I’m all about efficiency.
Also, Clive seems to de-mystify them a bit. Because whatever they are, I definitely don’t believe they are shapeshifters.
But I definitely do believe they exist.

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Why are there “no” Bigfoots in Sweden?

The taiga belt. The coniferous forests stretching all around the planet, right between the arctic regions and the temperate zones. The largest biome on the planet, making up 29% of the world’s forest cover.

The taiga belt

Preferred habitat of Bigfoot and its ilk.
All around the world the taiga seems to be teeming with Bigfoot/ Sasquatch. Even the arctic and temperate zones get theirs in the forms of the Yeti of the Himalayas, the Almas of the Kaukasus and Pamir mountains. Heck, even tropical and subtropic areas have their own big hairy hominids! The Yowie of Australia, The Orang Pendek of Malaysia, the Skunkape of Florida and the southern States of America, The Mogollon monster of Arizona.
The list goes on.
Sweden, however, remains Bigfoot-less.
Why? And is it really?
To answer that question one needs to delve deep into the psyche of the Swede.

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