Desktop researcher

Yeah, I am one. So?
I’m Swedish. Sweden is not swamped with Bigfoot or Dogmen. The amount of field research I can do is somewhat limited.
Thus I go online and I research a lot. I read, I watch, I do everything I can. Then I take what I learn and write about it, map it, do whatever I can to contribute to figuring this field of cryptozoology out.
And for that I’m worth nothing? What I do is worth nothing? Because I’m not living with Bigfoots. Or Dogmen. (as if anyone could live with them…)
People use my Dogman sightings maps. I’ve seen them pop up in various groups I’m in. Great. That’s why I made them. It may not solve anything but it might contribute. I can’t see that it’s worthless.
Recently I pm:ed a Facebook acquaintance who seemed to be getting a lot of hate for her photos of what she claims are Bigfoots. I told her not to let the haters hold her back, like I have a lot of times. She was very happy but as she learned I was Swedish and not currently playing house with Mr. & Mrs. Bigfoot she stopped responding and instead kept making a lot of snide remarks about desktop researchers in various groups. I don’t think she’s referring to me, she sends them in the directions of many who may disagree with or simply not have the same experiences as her.
There are starting to be quite a few out there now, glorifying physical experience and scoffing at those of us currently not having afternoon tea with Dogmen.
The point is: Shut up! If you’re in this field, you must know how much grief you get from people around you. “Normal” people. You must know how tiring it is having to defend your interest, defending how much time you spend on this. Why then must people from your field add to that grief?
Well, I’ll actually tell you why while I’m at it. Because they want to be somebody. They want to be the one who cracked it. They want the fame, the respect and in some cases the money.
I just want to know. I don’t care who “solves” it. I share what I have in the hopes it will add pieces of the puzzle for others so that they in turn, when they get a clearer picture can share that with the rest of us. I crave the truth. That’s all. I don’t want fame, I just don’t want to be made to feel like nothing because I know an awful lot that might come in handy sometimes.

Moving on now: Based on those worthless maps of mine ( ๐Ÿ˜› ) I’ve come up with a mini-theory. Take a look at this screen shot from map 2.

Now draw a mental line vertically across the middle of the US. Now look at the dots on the western side. They seem to pretty much all be in the Rocky Mountains, right? Even up into Canada. Now the eastern dots seem to be almost avoiding the mountains. There are a few dots in the Appalachian mountains but mostly they seem to stay at lower altitudes. Are we looking at two species of dogman here? A highland and a lowland dogman?
Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Desktop researcher”

  1. Brilliant maps. It’s so rude that other people use your maps without giving you credit for it. And the world needs researchers like you. Sorry to hear that you’ve been shunned by the Bigfoot and Dogmen fans. I mean, we never lived during the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages so does it make us less less wisened up today when it comes to health and hygiene? No, we’ve advanced in medicines since then. You don’t have to live there to understand. Have a lovely Yule and keep up the research.

    1. It’s fine that they use my maps. I just don’t want them doing that and then go around telling people that desktop research is worthless. Luckily most people don’t do that, I just worry that this is where it’s heading. Many, many people who stumble into this field don’t really know anything and are really mostly just looking for a cheap thrill. The field researchers with their possible observations are obviously going to be more popular then. I just hope there are enough people around who want the truth.

      Thank you for your kind comment and a merry Yule to you as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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