All these Morpheus wannabes (warning, contains political and crazy rant…)

“Come with me little girl and I will take you into my world full of wonders and mysteries.”
Yes, thanks, been there, done that. Got the t-shirt and the print faded in the laundry.
Why is it that as soon as a person becomes the slightest bit aware of the underlying reality of things they immediately envelope themselves in this aura of mystique and start speaking in a Yoda-esque manner? Like they are the first ones this has ever happened to. Like they have the key to all the mysteries in the universe.
They learn a few little things and suddenly they are Buddha and they want nothing more than to share their phenomenal insights with a slew of admiring disciples.

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In the Hall of the Mountain King

I was reading about being spirited away by the Good People on Phantoms and Monsters.  Here in the North that same concept is called to be Bergtagen. Literally that means to be taken by the mountain.  The concept of being bergtagen was also used for someone who had been taken by trolls or vittra.

Immediately my mind went to The Hall of the Mountain King (above). The Mountain King was a natural spirit, an elemental who was said to dwell within the mountain, surrounded by his family and a court of trolls. He seemed to have a bad habit of stealing children when they happened upon his mountain. Young women were also a favorite of his as he, as most natural spirits, was a highly erotic being. The taken were treated to foods and beverages and if they ingested any of it they were stuck in the mountain or under ground. Often the people who had become taken were used as slaves, but it also happened that they formed romantic ties to the beings in the mountain.

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The Gnostic cross

There are always holes in religions. None of them has all the answers.  And the biggest issue for many seems to be the theodice problem, i.e. how can God be omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent and still allow evil and suffering in the world.
All major world religions have seriously TRIED to explain this, but none have so far come up with a satisfactory answer.
Gnosticism however, has a somewhat more credible view on the subject, even though I am I no way an advocate for any organized religion. All I’m saying is that at the moment, this is the view I find most to be most in line with my own.
To learn everything about Gnosticism must take at least a lifetime, so all I’m going to do is offer a generalized view of this massively complex religion. For those who wish to learn more I will refer to the many links.

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Conditional love and death to compassion

I was hanging around Facebook last night. Nothing was happening, the news feed was slow and boring as people were out spending their hard earned cash on alcohol and entertainment.
One of my Facebook friends, a 20-year-old British man I don’t know, I only play Sim City with him, was posting strange things every now and then from his cellphone.
Things about how he hadn’t found anywhere to sleep tonight. Things about how cold it was. (And it was 36F here last night…) Things about how his toes, fingers and face were getting numb. Things about how “whoever said that family will always be there for you need to be shot in the head as that is the most amount of bullshit I have ever heard”.

I couldn’t help thinking about this. Like I said, I’ve never talked with this guy, but we have the same sense of humor and always like the same memes and pics floating around out there in Facebook-land.
In my head this guy was abusing some sort of drug. He was stealing from his family and friends to support his habit and they had finally had enough and had thrown him out.
I have no idea if this is in any way accurate, but last night, that was pretty unimportant anyway. No one should be forced to sleep outdoors this time of year! For whatever reason!
I stupidly conveyed my concerns to the only chat friend that was online:

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Margit Sandemo

In the Nordic countries Margit Sandemo (born 1924) has been the best selling author since the 80’s. And to say that I have read her is the understatement of the century! I was in my early teens when I started and I still read her books all the time. I can’t be without them! And are there ever tons of them?! This woman is up there with Koontz and King when it comes to producing books. They tend to be historic, paranormal and there are unbelievably hot men in them! Wonderfully freaky, demonic looking men….. *losing self in fantasies*

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When the devil came to Helsingland

It’s 18th century Sweden. The young men and women in the village of Hårga in Helsingland have gathered for a barn dance on a Saturday night.
It’s June. The night is bright. The air is saturated with the scents of summer.
Suddenly the music stops. The dancers look up and realize a stranger has entered the barn. He is clad in a large dark hat. From under the brim they catch sight of a pair of burning eyes.

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A bare bear

Just need to add this photo. This is Dolores:

Bare bear

Dolores is a bear at the Leipzig Zoo who has lost her fur.
Who knew this is what a naked bear looked like?
There’s a certain…lycan look to her, isn’t there?
Imagine if she was standing up. Would anyone seeing her in the woods think “werewolf”? Maybe?

Orbs and death to science

Orbs are, within the world of the paranormal, supposed spirits being caught on camera. They have absolutely nothing to do with dust, rain, bugs or anything like that. Orbs are spirits and they assume the shape of the orb because it’s a convienient way for a spirit to get around.
Sometimes faces can be seen in the orbs. Or a mandala. You know, those purdy psychodelic patterns that makes you think of India.


Thus, you can imagine my joy and surprise when I got a whole slew of orb pics the other day. And they were all taken outdoors. In the r̶a̶i̶n̶ gorgeous weather.
Orbs are spirits and the spirits were out in force that day!
I give you……… EXHIBIT A!

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