In the Bigfoot world many are finding it hard to accept the concept of Dogman as a separate entity, not related to Bigfoots.
It’s peculiar, even knowing that most people look down on the Bigfooters and ridicule their convictions, they do the same to those witnessing a Dogman.

The Dogman believers accept the idea of it being a living, breathing, mostly physical creature. Most of them completely discount the old ideas of a physical transformation taking place since by the laws of physics that is supposedly impossible.
We are enlightened people of today, Dogman can exist as long as it behaves and does its thing within the boundaries of physical reality as we know it.

Yet constantly Dogman, and Bigfoot as well, break the shackles we try to bind them with. They disappear into thin air, they prove impervious to bullets.
Tell me then how the logical reaction to this is to ignore it? To pretend it never happened?
To keep clinging to the idea that us humans have a fairly good grip on how the universe works and anything behaving in an unnatural way is an anomaly, an anomalies are best left ignored?

All the universe, our known universe, and everything in it- suns, planets, comets, what have you-all of it amounts to 4,9% of ordinary matter.
4.9% is everything we can see, smell, touch.
The rest, 95.1%, is dark matter and dark energy.
Everything we know= 4.9%
Everything we don’t know: 95.1%

Looking at those numbers- how sure are you really about our grip on reality?

Adding to this that we can see a whooping 1- 2 % of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Still feeling confident?

You can trust your eyes, right? Seeing is believing?
Yet we have all experienced our eyes betraying us when looking at optical illusions.

Trompe l'oeil street art in Stockholm
Trompe l’oeil street art in Stockholm

These are the factors I consider before I claim the Bigfoot is an undiscovered ape, before I say Dogmen are definitely not werewolves and before I claim to know anything at all.

I don’t think Dogman is a werewolf because for all we know, which obviously isn’t much, transformation like that would be a physical impossibility.
But then again, all matter, at its tiniest, teeniest level, is actually energy. Everything that appears so solid to us is in reality a bunch of vibrating strings.
Who am I to say what is possible and not?
Who am I to say magic doesn’t exist?
After all:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic – Arthur C. Clarke

This is why I don’t believe this or that.
About the existence of Bigfoots and Dogmen I am convinced, given everything I’ve read, heard and even witnesses.
Beyond that, I lean.
I lean this way or that way, depending on what I believe evidence points to.
I take in all new claims and consider them, and then I lean in whatever direction seems most reasonable.
I am however never sure.
This is my strength.
It’s my strength because by not being sure I’m open.
I can see the subtle signs, I can move from one path to another.
Hopefully one day I’ll arrive at the truth.


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