I’m the Cloaked Hedgehog.
I prefer seeing to being seen.
I like to skulk about in the shadows and learn things.
I’m prickly and I don’t like people. Except a few. And those I adore!
Actually people are OK, in small doses.
But animals and I have more in common! 😉

I’m female, born in -72 and I live in Sweden and you can find me on Facebook as Anna M K Larsson.
I have a deep interest in the fortean world.
It started when I was born and I’ve investigated many fields before I decided to primarily focus on Dogman, though Dogman, or werewolves as we called it in the olden days, was always my #1.
I’m open and I consider all stories I read or hear, though as far as facts I don’t etch anything in stone and call it Absolute Truth.

I debunk a lot, not because I don’t believe in things but because I do. There’s more than enough truly mysterious things going on. There’s no need to fake anything.

I have zero interest in proving anything to anybody.
I am convinced that Dogmen and Bigfoots exist, as well as a lot of other cryptids, but I’m not going to waste one minute arguing about it.
You don’t believe? Fine, educate yourself or don’t, it has nothing to do with me.

I’m an artistic and bohemian person on one side but also really smart and fairly well-read. 😉
I’m funny and generous , with a big heart, who wants to save the world.
That is when I don’t want to escape to a cabin in the woods and live out the rest of my life as a hermit.

So I’m complicated. Sue me! 😛

20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Also looking into the BF phenomena in Sweden, since im stuck in this backwards ass country! Dont get me wrong, Sweden is great if you are a person who like to be like everyone around you, but try and stick your chin out just a smidgeon as palin would phrase it, and everyone starts to look at you funny. Gimme that cabin any day sister, just make sure it comes with a uplink and im game. Would be great to lend the ear of a sami elder or two, maybe they have some great legends in their vocal legends.

  2. Ha! Got ya beat like, I was born in 69. But I’m still a beautiful Irish man and I love ye work and beautiful Hedgehogs like 🙂 I know ye put in loads of work for this stuff and I would just like to say , Thank you dear Hedgehog 🙂

  3. I have to say, Anna…I LOVE your YouTube Channel and your blog!! I’ve been watching your videos for about a week now, and I’m thoroughly impressed. However, I NEVER watch your videos after dark, as I’m bound to get freaked out (LOL). I have a blog of my own, The Demon Hunter’s Compendium, and I’ve been blogging for a little over six years. The Dogman and modern-day werewolf sightings interest me greatly, and your own work has inspired me to write a lengthy blog entry on this creature someday. Keep up the good work!!

  4. The Glengary Nova Scotia sighting was a hoax report. I live in the area, and researched it, and has all the obvious hallmarks of a fabrication. May I suggest removing it from your records or marking it as a fake report. This fake report has been picked up by many websites, helping to propagate a false event. Thank you.

  5. My name is Joshua Buker and I’m sure by now you’ve raed some of my coresponding to your topics about the Dogman and I truly believe that it does indeed exist. I sent you a Friend Request on FaceBook.

  6. You talked about the banana of safety in the US, which I noted immediately is the same area David Paulides notes in his work as being free of strange disappearances. While certainly noteworthy, the item that jumped out at me wasn’t the elevation, but rather the lack of large deciduous forests. Even in the desert southwest, if you zoom in on the sightings map, you can always see nearby deciduous woodland.

  7. Anne im Joshua from Kentucky in the U.S. and iv’e been listening to your videos and its by far the most informative videos on the subject that i have seen so far. I just recently started studying on the dog man a little bit because of some recent unexplained activity in my area. I think that’ll be all I will say about that but I appreciate the information that you put in your video. There are so many hoaxes on YouTube that you need to be informed to know the difference between real and fake. I would like to take my study a step farther and do some field research. How much field research have you done? I have not had time to watch all your videos yet is there something that you have personally experienced that pushed you towards this particular field?

  8. Dear Anna,

    I am a Cryptozoologist with the North American Dogman Project. I very much enjoy your site and have done a forensic field investigation of one point on your map of sightings. If you’re interested in the results please contact me at the email below.

    All the best to you and yours,

    Eoin Stewart
    FSA Scot, FRAI

  9. Thank you for all the interesting work you done on the content of your youtube site. I especially enjoyed the Sweden Myths and Legends. Being brought up by a second generation Swedish family I am familiar with certain aspects of magical beliefs. I wondered if you knew of any beliefs regarding oak trees. We had one in our yard and it was definitely respected and loved for some reason but never explained. I have looked it up but would like your opinion. Regards, J

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