A werewolf connection to Ancient Egypt?


The ancient Egyptian god Set (Seth, Setekh, Sut, Sutekh, Suty) is a complex fellow. Now he is evil and chaos and mayhem but that was not always the case.
Set was the brother of Isis and Osiris, and also to Nephtys, his cohort.  Although he was the god of the desert, of storms, of chaos and confusion he wasn’t necessarily evil to begin with. Well, there was that whole incident with chopping up his brother Osiris and usurping his throne but other than that Set was considered an equal of Horus the Elder, Heru-Ur. In the Pyramid Texts he was believed to be a friend to the dead, and he helped Osiris ascend to heaven. Continue reading A werewolf connection to Ancient Egypt?

The evil that men do

What is evil? Is it an action? Yes, killers, rapists, child molesters and many others commit acts of evil, but does that mean the individual performing the acts is evil? I have no generalizing answer to this; I suppose it differs from case to case. The urge to do something bad can come over anyone, but most of us have mechanisms, some that we were born with and some that society taught us, that prevent us from acting on those urges. There are however mental disorders where a person lacks these mechanisms.

When a person who is, for all intents and purposes, of sound mind and still does the unthinkable, without being plagued by feelings of remorse or having any consideration for anyone other than themselves, that, to me, is true evil. Evil that stays, gets absorbed by the land, lingers…

Navajo witch
Navajo witch

Yee naaldlooshii, the Navajo skinwalker is a witch that’s thoroughly skilled in the black arts. The word yee naaldlooshii means literally “with it, he goes on all fours” and refers to the skinwalker’s alleged ability to “change skins”, take on animal form. Continue reading The evil that men do




I have no beef with koalas or dingoes, not even wallabies or any other uniquely Australian animal, but what is up with those red kangaroos? There is definitely something more sinister to these creatures than meets the eye.
Sure, they can feign cuteness. They can pull off the “look at me, I’m just an adorable marsupial hopping along with my mule head, my bunny ears and bunny legs, my human-like torso and my velociraptor tail”- look but are they really so innocent?

There's just something very unsettling about this...
There’s just something very unsettling about this…

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The joys of being interested in werewolves

Being interested in cryptozoology with your main focus on werewolves usually doesn’t lead to parades, canonization and general celebration. Luckily I’ve never been interested in parades, canonization and general celebration, but merely to understand the truth about the true nature of the universe. Werewolves are not my only interest, I read a lot about history, biology, botany, ethnology, linguistics, religion, mythology, geography, geology, psychology, philosophy, astronomy and many other things.
There are very few things that don’t interest me at all, but it’s only my interest in cryptozoology that makes people judge me and decide that I’m unintelligent, uninformed and bat-shit crazy.

394492cUnfortunately you are often met with such incredible amounts of negativity if you so much as breathe a word about your interests. People must be carrying enormous amounts of hatred and anger they aren’t allowed to express normally, but to a cryptozoologically inclined person you can say anything. No rules, no ethics, just pour out all your stored up hatred and desire to repress. Continue reading The joys of being interested in werewolves

My Dogman map is done!

Well, it’s done for now, it’s a work in progress, but I’ve been transferring my google earth pins about werewolf sightings onto interactive, share-able maps, which has taken forever. The pins on the maps have links where you can get more info on the sighting.
I added it to my links in the right column as well for easy access.

My Dogman/ Werewolf sightings map

If you have a werewolf/ dogman sighting you want to report, feel free to contact me. You can be anonymous if you want. Remember to add location and time to the best of your knowledge.