Today we are abusing things that are supposed to make us feel better about ourselves. About the world in general.
Romantic comedies, beauty products, copious amounts of food…
And TPTB want us to! They encourage it.
“Because you’re worth it”
It’s a conspiracy theory. The other way around.

This one draws our attention AWAY from the governments and the political situations of the world. It implores us to turn our focus to ourselves, our own well-being.
Subtly it lulls us into a soft reality. Encouraging us to stick our heads in the sand and drift off to sleep, while whispering in our ears “all is well, no one is committing genocide anywhere and greed and pure evil doesn’t rule.”

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To be happy and grateful and still

A while ago I stumbled over a book. No I mean I LITERALLY stumbled over it as it was suddenly lying on the floor in my hallway. It must have somehow fallen out of a plastic bag that was standing in the corner, full of notebooks and diaries after my late mother. I have yet to fully understand how it just LEAPED out of that plastic bag that has been standing at that spot for months, but in any case I picked the book up.
It was a small, red book. Printed in 1977, twelfth edition. It’s in Swedish, but the English title is “God calling”.
“Ugh”, I think. God stuff? I mean, I do believe and I believe intensely, but churches and preachings and that whole “normal” Christian life is not for me. I have always had MASSIVE issues with the Bible and as such I’m not really welcome within the Christian community. And that’s fine with me. I search, and I have no intention to stop and say I’m done. I will never be done. And I will go wherever I need to go, no matter how much of a problem the Christians may have with that. As long as God is with me I’ll be fine.

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Lately I have been bicycling a lot around the rural parts around the small city I live in. It has become obvious to me that I live smack in the middle of paradise.
When I grew up in this town I, like everybody else growing up here, thought it was hell on earth. Söderhamn has about 12 000 people living in it. 25 000 counting the “suburbs”. This, growing up, we found embarrassingly tiny and we all wanted to move to Stockholm, or even better, the U.S.A. That’s where the action was.
But now, at this stage in my life, right before turning 40, I have completely different values.
Sweden is gorgeous. So gorgeous it takes your breath away.
And I’m sure, if you go looking, you’ll find that you live in paradise too!

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So Queensryche…

I’m so sad about recent news I have read regarding my all time favorite band.

Queensryche has meant so much to me over the years. They are a metal band fro m Seattle with genuine artistic talent and INTELLIGENCE! Their music is just as perfect as, I would say, caramel sauce, because I can’t think of anything better than that, yum, and their lyrics are politically critical as well as spiritually enlightened. Now how often do you see that in a rock band?
The singer, or now ex-singer, Geoff Tate, has been blessed with a set of the most incredible vocal cords known to mankind, expressing every feeling, every sentiment in a song, and he is a marvelous and highly theatrical performer on stage.
But now it seems he’s been left out in the cold. A definitive answer as to why seems to be as hard to find as a good guy in Iowa. (Never mind me, just a little personal passive aggression that slipped out there, I’ll clean it right up…..)

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