Dimension Apprehension

Science doesn’t stand in one spot and points. Science leads.
We cannot refuse to go where science leads us, even if it’s to places we never thought we’d visit.

So many people claim that Bigfoot and Dogman and other cryptozoological beings cannot exist. They point to science as proof.
But science is no longer where it was when they were young.
Most people learn very little once they’re out of school, and when they point to science as proving the impossibility of these creature’s existence, they tend to refer to science as it was when they learned it.
When you talk about a multiverse, about parallel dimensions these people call it sci-fi, fantasies.
But it isn’t.

Reputed scientists are now more and more leaning towards the concept that we live in a multiverse. That parallel dimensions are right there, next to us, even though we may not be able to perceive them.
When science talks about parallel universes they mean real universes that exist in other dimensions.
At the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland they are working on learning about these parallel universes right now. Continue reading Dimension Apprehension


What you seek seeks you…

After posting The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait Connection parts 1 and 2, strange things began to happen here.
It started with just a feeling that something wasn’t right. Something was in the air. And it wasn’t good.
Then I heard noises.
Whenever I went to bed I could hear something scratching outside around my bedroom window.
I got up several times and sneaked to the window, yanked it open and looked outside. I wanted it to be a bird.
It was nothing. Not one time.
In fact, all the birds that normally hang around behind my house were gone for those few days this went on.

I felt under attack in a weird way. Like something was seizing me up, figuring out who I was, observing.
It felt intrusive, uncomfortable.

I’m not much for New Age stuff but some of it, like smudging, I do every now and then when things get a bit too close for comfort.
Sweden suffers from a distinct lack of cedar trees, which is commonly used in these practices, but I use bark of juniper because I feel it works for me.
So I smudged, halfheartedly the first time. The feeling remained.
The second night I smudged my derriere off. I guess I performed my own little ceremony, praying and smudging, wafting smoke into every nook and cranny of my home.
I also sprinkled the ashes on the windowsill and outside.

This time it worked. I felt much calmer, safer, and there were no more scratching outside my window after that.

A few days later I was talking to a friend of mine. I had told him about the weirdness and that it had stopped.
Then he told me about a strange thing that happened to him.
He’s a trucker, and on the night the feeling went away he had hit a deer.
But it was an unusual deer, he said. Something was off about the eyes. They didn’t reflect. And it stopped in the middle of the road, didn’t cross like normal deer.

So, what do we make of this? Is it just a coincidence?
Did the feeling go away because I burned the juniper or because he killed the source of it…
He has been around. If something was indeed watching it would have seen him.
But yes, most likely he just happened to hit a regular deer.
And it happened to be the same night as I was smudging up everything around me.
What scratched my window though I will probably never know…

Humankind- a force for evil?

Cecil, the beautiful

Cecil the lion was shot by a Minnesota dentist and the world was in uproar. Cecil was a 13-year-old Southwest African lion who was a major attraction in the National Park in which he lived.
The dentist allegedly paid 50 000 USD to a local “professional hunter” to be able to shoot the lion.
They lured him out of the sanctuary and wounded him with an arrow. Then they tracked him for 40 hours before he was finally shot with a rifle, skinned and had his head removed as well as his tracking collar.

I can’t even write about my feelings on this subject, it wouldn’t be publishable. All I can say is that it makes me very angry and very sad.
And the worst part is that it in no way is a solitary case. That Cecil got all the headlines was only because he was the best known and most beloved animal in that National Park.

Of adult male lions that were tagged within the park 72% have been killed by people hunting for sport.
In 2013, 49 lion carcasses were exported from Zimbabwe as “trophies”.
Northern White Rhinoceros are practically extinct. There are FOUR (4) individuals left in the world!
The West African Black Rhino became extinct in 2011.
A century ago there were 100 000 tigers in Asia. Now only 3200 remain.
Elephants are poached for their tusks. In three years 100 000 elephants have been killed this way. Continue reading Humankind- a force for evil?

The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 2

The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 1


“I have Native American heritage, but since no one in my family was Navajo and never registered with the tribe, I didn’t have a full on Native American up bringing. My grandmother was Cherokee. Half and half German.

I grew up with a lot of lore, but my mother never talked about skinwalkers.
And yes, something like a skinwalker exists in almost every tribe.
When it came out she just called them cannibals. So she had some inkling what they were.

So there we were. Living on this ranch two miles from paved roads, 24 miles from the Interstate and 34 miles from civilization.
My friend told me to burn sage.
At the time I was a Christian and was pretty faithful. I was unsure about this so I prayed. Prayer would make the things back off, but it didn’t make them leave. It was like they would just regroup and then come again from another angle.
I talked to my mother about burning sage and she looked at me point blank and told me her mother used to do that and that it was okay to do it.
So on a whim I bought a smudge stick and I prayed and I burned the sage and I asked for help. Continue reading The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 2

The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 1

I’m going to tell you an amazing story. It’s the story of a woman from Colorado, I will call her Tina, and it’s absolutely shocking.
It’s about Skinwalkers in Colorado and it tells a horrifying tale of what these creatures can really do.

I have previously addressed the concept of Dogmen and how I believe they are connected to Fleshgait sightings.
The Fleshgait is a creature I wrote about in A White Wight, New Cryptid on the Block, Masterless Tulpas and also in Windigo.
I do believe, especially now after hearing what Tina had to tell me, that there definitely is a connection.

However, I believe there is a difference between Dogman and Skinwalker. Though I’m quite convinced far more sightings of Dogman are actually of Skinwalkers than I previously thought.
Tina, believes that the Dogmen with “dead eyes” are in fact Skinwalkers, but the ones with living eyes are a different creature.

I also use the term Skinwalker since it’s a term most people have heard. The concept of skinwalking exists among many/ most tribes though under different names.

It’s important to note that skinwalking wasn’t always evil, and it still isn’t necessarily that in every case.
In the olden days Skinwalkers worked for the tribe’s benefit. In animal form they could sneak in or around enemy camps, finding out their plans, strategy etc.
They could also use their ability to go into animal form to follow and get close to prey animals.
Then something happened, and I do believe White Man is responsible for that through his treatment of the Native population.
The people who were once free, who only took from nature what they needed and who were always certain to give back, were shoved around, raped and murdered, stuffed into reservations, forced to adopt the White Man’s way without being privileged to the White Man’s rights.
What did White Man think was going to happen?
And why is he still doing it?

The feelings of injustice, of no hope, no future festered and grew. The once proud Native American would have to be inhumanely strong to avoid being caught in a web of the lowest human thoughts and feelings- bitterness, resentment, jealousy, greed…
Many have gone under and turned to the dark side… Continue reading The Skinwalker/ Fleshgait connection, part 1