I read this article by Nick Redfern at Mysterious Universe today and it got me all flustered with, almost gratitude, that someone who actually is someone within the world of cryptozoology would finally write what I’ve been saying for so long, like here.

The problem with werewolves is the lore. The fact that they have existed in legends and fairy tales, as a movie monster for so long that people for countless generations have been told that it’s just make believe. The non-existence of the werewolf has become a fact. What other cryptid has been subjected to such bias over such a long time? Continue reading Werewolves


Writing a post is a great way to learn more about something and today I really wanted to know everything about GMO, genetically modified organisms.
We keep hearing angry people bashing GMO like it’s a weapon of mass destruction and then we see the President of the (military-wise) most powerful country in the world backing something like Monsanto, the “evil” king of GMO. Being from the wonderfully neutral and usually rational Sweden I thought I’d find out what’s real and what’s not when it comes to GMO.

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Ancient astronauts?

Or were people of the past much more advanced than we think?

Unless we happen to be creationists we have been taught that humankind emerged through a series of evolutionary stages until the modern man called Homo sapiens sapiens was born in Africa as the crown of creation approximately 200 000 years ago.
Alternatively, humans emerged in various places from local populations of Homo erectus and Neanderthals.

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