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This will most likely be a heavier post. Rant warning.

A lie is defined by Wikipedia as “an intentionally false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not wholly the truth”, which says it pretty well.
People lie a lot. Especially these days.
Something has happened. It’s increasing alarmingly, the lies that feed fear and hatred. Continue reading Lies

If I was a cryptid, where would I come from?

Cryptids come in many shapes and sizes. Colors vary, skin texture, fur or no fur, sometimes scales. Some cryptids crawl, some swim, some fly, but most sightings tend to involve cryptids with a certain similar characteristic, namely bipedalism.
Barring lake monsters and the occasional Mongolian Death Worm, most sightings seem to be of something with two legs, just like us humans.
Bigfoot, dogman/werewolves, the real chupacabras (not the US ones…), the Jersey Devil, goatmen… Even Mothman is bipedal when you think about it.
What could be the reason for this?
I don’t know, but I have three theories. They may all come across as a tad flaky but seriously, we’re dealing with things that seem to be coming straight out of people’s nightmares. I don’t see how you could possibly explain them in a cold, rational manner, unless you simply decide that all the thousands of eye witnesses are lying/ hallucinating. Which wouldn’t be an explanation at all but a cop out.
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Science vs science

Something has been happening. A movement is underway.
A new religion which denounces all religion and therefore is able to fly under the radar. A philosophy whose very core is “truth” and therefore cannot be refuted. A movement which hides behind the name of something most respectable and therefore blurs the view and sneaks in undetected, takes hold and will already be too firmly established by the time people realize what is going on.
I sadly foresee a horribly dystopian future and I’m actually not kidding. Not at all.
Science has become the new religion and its followers refer to themselves as atheists.
I know there are “peaceful” atheists in the world as well and this post is in no way directed at them.
This is about the practically militant atheists of this new movement. Every opinion they have can be backed by scientific evidence and therefore they are “untouchable”, safe.

So, what’s wrong with that?
I’ll tell you. Continue reading Science vs science

Good morning

Hibernation is over for this time it seems. I’m not exactly sure what it is that activates my inner alarm clock, although I suspect that daylight, both the intensity and the duration of it, to be the main trigger. It’s not lack of snow at least, because there’s still plenty of that around. Although I have recently noticed that the sun has begun to eat away at it. On warm (warm is a relative word and in this case it’s relative to Swedish weather conditions in March…) and sunny days there’s an unmistakable dripping of melting snow from the roofs, the huge piles of snow everywhere are sinking and mini rivers of meltwater are carving their way through the ice on the ground, ice that is becoming increasingly porous and brittle day by day.
Not yet spring, but the promise of it.
In any case I’m out of the world of Call of Gods and back in the land of the…living? Clinically insane? Matrix?
I’m getting caught up on everything that I’ve missed/ ignored.

The world did not end on December 21 2012. That’s good. Would think this might have caused a pretty enormous level of embarrassment among the fear mongers who believed it blindly but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I still see them posting left and right about how the end of the world only really meant the end of an era, and that this new era would be one of greater understanding and brotherhood and yada yada yada. That’s the Age of Aquarius! Haven’t they been going on about that since the 60’s? Aren’t we there YET?

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The Gnostic cross

There are always holes in religions. None of them has all the answers.  And the biggest issue for many seems to be the theodice problem, i.e. how can God be omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent and still allow evil and suffering in the world.
All major world religions have seriously TRIED to explain this, but none have so far come up with a satisfactory answer.
Gnosticism however, has a somewhat more credible view on the subject, even though I am I no way an advocate for any organized religion. All I’m saying is that at the moment, this is the view I find most to be most in line with my own.
To learn everything about Gnosticism must take at least a lifetime, so all I’m going to do is offer a generalized view of this massively complex religion. For those who wish to learn more I will refer to the many links.

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To be happy and grateful and still

A while ago I stumbled over a book. No I mean I LITERALLY stumbled over it as it was suddenly lying on the floor in my hallway. It must have somehow fallen out of a plastic bag that was standing in the corner, full of notebooks and diaries after my late mother. I have yet to fully understand how it just LEAPED out of that plastic bag that has been standing at that spot for months, but in any case I picked the book up.
It was a small, red book. Printed in 1977, twelfth edition. It’s in Swedish, but the English title is “God calling”.
“Ugh”, I think. God stuff? I mean, I do believe and I believe intensely, but churches and preachings and that whole “normal” Christian life is not for me. I have always had MASSIVE issues with the Bible and as such I’m not really welcome within the Christian community. And that’s fine with me. I search, and I have no intention to stop and say I’m done. I will never be done. And I will go wherever I need to go, no matter how much of a problem the Christians may have with that. As long as God is with me I’ll be fine.

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