A werewolf by any other name would smell as foul…

Yes I’m up. Just had a hard time getting going this spring.
Been submerged in the world of genealogy lately but the time has come to get the blog up and properly running for this season. And what better way of doing that than by sharing some of the werewolf encounters I’ve been reading about lately.
Werewolves. The stuff of legends and Hollywood horror. Except that they’re real and they’re here on this earth today. At least according to the hundreds of witness reports.
Some seem to think they are mistaken Bigfoots, and maybe they’re right. Werewolves and Bigfoots seem to have a lot of similar characteristics. They are bipedal, furry and stink like something rotten. But there are differences. Bigfoots tend to be huge, around 8-10 feet or more, while a werewolf usually seems to range between 5-7 feet. The werewolf has a snout and pointy ears on top of the head while the Bigfoot has a flatter face, pronounced brows, a cone shaped head and ears on the sides of the head. Both species seem to have a broad chest but the lower part of the body differs. The Bigfoot has thicker, relatively straight legs whereas the werewolf has pretty skinny legs, bent backwards at the heel (or knee as some people mistakenly call it) like a dog.
The stench reported in both Bigfoot and werewolf encounters can simply be because of their predatory nature. Herbivores don’t tend to stink as much as carnivores. They say… Continue reading A werewolf by any other name would smell as foul…