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Dogman/ Werewolf Crash Course pt.2 History


Crom Cruach, Burning Man and Werewolves

Hi everyone!

I know there has been a certain lack of actual text based posts lately, and I apologize for that. The videos are taking a lot of time. It’s not exactly like I just read them perfectly on the first attempt, no no. Every recording is almost twice as long at first as it is when I’m done editing it, lol!

Today I want to talk a little (or quite a lot actually) about  Ireland, and more specifically about the werewolf traditions from there.
Most famous of these are the werewolves of Ossory and the werewolves of Tipperary.
Today I’ll be focusing on the Tipperary ones.

Laignech Fáelad and Tigernmas


As we all know, it’s a long way to Tipperary, but the distance between the werewolves of Tipperary and the Dogmen of today may not be as long as one might think.

Faoladh. By Nashoba-Hostina at Deviantart

According to the Cóir Anmann manuscript, Laignech Fáelad was originally a man capable of shape shifting into a wolf at will. Later the name Laignach Fáelad came to refer to his offspring and possibly others who had this shape shifting ability.
The Laignech Fáelad were fearsome warriors. Sought after by kings who didn’t mind paying the price. Continue reading Crom Cruach, Burning Man and Werewolves

I made a video!

After listening to many stories from such YouTube channels as Dark Waters, Brenton Sawin etc., I was overcome with inspiration.
I just had to try it, so I did.
I chose to read the story of the Beast of Land Between the Lakes by Jan Thompson since it is creepy enough and long enough.

Keep in mind that English is not my native language, so ignore anything strange I might have said, lol.


Dogman has a big BUT

Today I’m going to talk about Dogman for a change 😛
About how Dogman has a big BUT. Not butt- but.

sighting1bWhen I grew up I heard about werewolves from somewhere, and it began.
I believe I might have been 5-6 when I first started reading everything. Facts and fiction, anything.
Granted, during the first few years it was hard to get my hands on anything substantial, but it got better.
I’m a Scorpio, I don’t do anything by halves, and I’m lucky enough to have a brain that very rarely forgets anything I read.
One thing lead to another and there’s barely anything within the world of THE STRANGE that I haven’t studied at one time or another. Continue reading Dogman has a big BUT

A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine

…is Latin and means “From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord”.
It was allegedly a litany of despair, a prayer said by every medieval church and monastery at the time of the viking raids.
This particular prayer has not been verified in exactly those words in any 9th century texts though, however an antiphony for churches dedicated to St. Vaast or St. Medard comes pretty close:

Summa pia gratia nostra conservando corpora et cutodita, de gente fera Normannica nos libera, quae nostra vastat, Deus, regna.

This means “Our supreme and holy Grace, protecting us and ours, deliver us, God, from the savage race of Northmen which lays waste our realms”.


Vikings. Known for brute force.
Vikings. How did they, in merely 300 years, manage to make such an impression on the world that a thousand years later we still talk about them?

Brute force alone does not make you successful for 300 years.
Vikings were also skilled, clever. They navigated across the sea all the way to America, they also went east, to Constantinople and many other places.
I would assume that in certain ways times have changed very little. A thousand years ago attention was surely given to the wrong-doers, as it is now. Vikings were travelers, explorers and merchants, but some were rogues and caused a heck of a lot of havoc and mayhem wherever they went. Naturally these rogue vikings were the ones people remembered.

But for vikings to have accomplished all that they did in their relatively short time, things other than brute force must have been utilized.
What things? Continue reading A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine

What we don’t see

So many creatures are reported by so many different individuals of the human population, but most sightings seem to be of something resembling a Bigfoot, a Dogman etc.
This post is not going to talk about what we see though. It’s time to talk about what we don’t see.

We have a tendency in this field to connect the modern cryptozoological sightings to ancient mythological creatures.
In the world of Dogman you often hear of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis being mentioned as some sort of reminder that these creatures have been around for a long time.
That’s all good and well, there might be a connection there.
Sometimes though I feel I must take on the role of the devil’s advocate in order to get to the core of a matter.
That core in this case is what we don’t see.
If Anubis was a Dogman, what happened to whatever races the other ancient Egyptian gods belonged to?
What happened to the race of Horus? Where are all the Hawkmen? (Not counting the ones in Flash Gordon…)
Where is the race of Sobek, the Crocodilemen?
Where are the descendants of Thoth, the Ibis Storkmen?
If we go to other mythologies we might ask why so few sightings of harpies are reported today.
Were are all the sirens? Where are the minotaurs?
Not to mention the Unicorns.

My point is this, that if we should consider some mythological beings, mustn’t we consider all? Continue reading What we don’t see

Humankind- a force for evil?

Cecil, the beautiful

Cecil the lion was shot by a Minnesota dentist and the world was in uproar. Cecil was a 13-year-old Southwest African lion who was a major attraction in the National Park in which he lived.
The dentist allegedly paid 50 000 USD to a local “professional hunter” to be able to shoot the lion.
They lured him out of the sanctuary and wounded him with an arrow. Then they tracked him for 40 hours before he was finally shot with a rifle, skinned and had his head removed as well as his tracking collar.

I can’t even write about my feelings on this subject, it wouldn’t be publishable. All I can say is that it makes me very angry and very sad.
And the worst part is that it in no way is a solitary case. That Cecil got all the headlines was only because he was the best known and most beloved animal in that National Park.

Of adult male lions that were tagged within the park 72% have been killed by people hunting for sport.
In 2013, 49 lion carcasses were exported from Zimbabwe as “trophies”.
Northern White Rhinoceros are practically extinct. There are FOUR (4) individuals left in the world!
The West African Black Rhino became extinct in 2011.
A century ago there were 100 000 tigers in Asia. Now only 3200 remain.
Elephants are poached for their tusks. In three years 100 000 elephants have been killed this way. Continue reading Humankind- a force for evil?

Anubis and Xolotl

Anubis and Xolotl.
Egypt, Mexico and…Wisconsin…?

How vastly confusing! Where do we begin?
Let’s go with Wisconsin, shall we?

Aztalan State Park is roughly 50 miles due west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
It’s Wisconsin’s premier archaeological site and no one knows for sure what befell the culture that once thrived here.

Aztalan State Park

“The people who settled Aztalan built large, flat-topped pyramidal mounds and a stockade around their village. Decades of archaeological research, including carbon dating and tooth samples found at the site that were traced back to Cahokia, have provided some clues to the culture that created these mounds. It was once a village and ceremonial complex of about 500 people that thrived between 1000 and 1300 AD before the site was mysteriously abandoned.” Source

It’s been theorized that the complex was built by Aztecs. Based for example, but not solely, on the name Aztalan itself.
The legendary ancestral home of the Aztecs is called Aztlán.
It is mentioned in several texts that the Aztecs migrated south from the city of Aztlán to Mexico where they came to settle and create their empire.

This is interesting for several reasons, but we are going to focus on the parts that are relevant to the Dogman phenomenon. Continue reading Anubis and Xolotl

The Dyatlov Pass Incident- addendum

The Dyatlov Pass Incident, part 1
The Dyatlov Pass Incident, part 2

Since researching and writing the posts on the Dyatlov Pass incident I haven’t been able to put the incident out of my mind for long.

Recently I’ve been mulling over a new theory I’ve had. However, I’ve been unable to satisfactory explain everything that happened on that fateful night, more specifically the tent…
Here goes:
Theory: meteor/ meteors.
Potential scenario:
Group is in/ around tent. Someone sees a meteor/ they hear a bang, tent is evacuated for unknown reason. Camera snaps photo using a filter designed for shooting under bright conditions.
Meteors are bright. The one that hit Chelyabinsk in 2013 was, at its brightest, 30 times brighter than the sun.
It actually caused severe burns to people’s skins and retinas, which also fits with the Dyatlov incident, as the bodies were very tanned.
Does the last photo taken by the Dyatlov group picture a rushed attempt at photographing a crashing meteor? Continue reading The Dyatlov Pass Incident- addendum