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To be honest

The time is out of joint—O cursèd spite.
I can’t be fricking bothered to set it right.
Partial quote from Hamlet.

Some readers have pointed out that I haven’t posted in a while.
I am aware.
There is a reason.
It took me a while to get a grasp on that reason though. All I knew was that I was unhappy about a lot of things.
Amateur cryptozoology is what’s out of joint.
And I am too. Continue reading To be honest

Manchester, England, England

Something unsettling is happening in Manchester. Men are drowning in canals and rivers in numbers that, just by themselves, is cause for alarm.
Add to that mysterious circumstances in many of the cases and you are left feeling that whatever is going on is something more than mere accidents.

In January of this year the official number of men dead from drowning in the Greater Manchester area was 61. And that’s in the last six years.
No particularly mysterious injuries indicating foul play, just death by drowning.
And when I say men I literally mean only men.
61 men in six years.
And no women.
How does that make any statistical sense?
Still, police claim nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Continue reading Manchester, England, England

What is happening in Wales??

This was actually brand new to me when I first heard about it today. How is that possible?
There is even a Wikipedia page about it. Yet people outside of the the UK are likely never to have heard about it. Something like this ought to have people talking. Everything about it screams unnatural!

Young people in Bridgend County Borrough in Wales, UK are killing themselves by the dozens, and almost all of them are doing so by means of hanging.
From January 2007 through February 2012 no less than 79 deaths by suicide occurred.
And there are probably even more by now.
Why are we not hearing about this??

Why do so many of them choose to hang themselves? Hanging is the most common means of committing suicide by men, but not by women. Yet in Wales almost everyone went with hanging. Even though not all of them were connected to each other.

Overall, suicide rates in Wales are much higher than in the rest of the UK. Why?
Is there something there? Something in the air? The water? Any peculiar facilities…?

The suicide victims in Bridgend were not generally described as brooding or depressed, quite the opposite. Bubbly, easy going are words you often read describing these young people.
Shocked is another. Everybody is shocked. Everybody is wondering what is going on. It doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t.

It’s as if someone is programming these youths. Or if not so sinister, that maybe these young people’s brain react differently to something in the area, maybe something generating sound or waves of some sort.
Could there be a killer doing this? Probably not. In some cases people hung themselves in their home.
This is just horrible! I don’t even have words!
Something is going on in Wales, and someone had better find out what fast!

BRIDGEND REVISITED….,,20595753,00.html

The Bridgend Suicides – Could Theatre be the Cause?

The huge mindf*ck

Sometimes I feel that this, what I’m dealing with here- cryptozoology- is just this huge mindf*ck… Pardon my French.

I’ve been reading, among other things, the books 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story and 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Nightmare Continues by Christine Dela-Parker. They are about a family who are, well I think it’s safe to say cursed, by the presence of Bigfoots in their neighborhood.
Unlike other Bigfoot books, here you’ll also get to see the filmed footage and listen to the audio recordings the family has captured. Plus it’s going on RIGHT NOW. Meaning there will most likely be more books. Maybe even really great evidence. I really recommend these books. You won’t even be able to put them down. The only problem with them is that they end. Why do good books do this? Someone should really fix that. 😉 Continue reading The huge mindf*ck

Cheetah dodge Elk Hog! (Or: The great meltdown)

Such a relief! That Elk Hog is one fierce beast! Not unlike its distant cousin the hedgehog.

Not to worry, I haven’t lost that beautiful mind of mine, not quite. OK, some of it, but I remain hopeful it will be found the next time I’m in a Texaco station. Which will be a while because the Texaco stations in Sweden were taken over by Preem in 1997 in what I can only assume was a bloody and merciless coup in which limbs were flying everywhere.
Yes, I concede, the whole mind might be lost, but in my defense I have also slept 6 hours total in the last 3 nights. So there.
No, this isn’t a real post. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m actually writing it right now. Perhaps I only think I am but in reality I’m strapped in a bed somewhere being pumped full of haldol and thorazine and whatnot. Just ignore me, OK? Stop staring!
I’m soooo tired….

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