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Sweden Myths and Legends

A kind of re-post in video form of old posts from my blog


Sweden, wolves and Dogmen

By some immensely fortunate fluke Dogmen seem to be, at least as of right now, non-existent in Sweden.
Or are they?
Quite regularly I do search for a bunch of terms in Swedish. Upright wolf, wolf on two legs, strange creature in the woods etc. So far I have found nothing online indicating that Dogmen are in Sweden right now.
However, while searching for wolf attacks on sheep to see if I could find any discrepancies that might point me in a particular direction I did come across a peculiar case, which I will soon discuss.

karta-varg-skandinavien-juni-2015After having been as good as extinct in Sweden in the 1960’s, the current 415 wolves in Sweden seem to mainly hang around the Värmland, Västmanland, Södermanland, Uppland and Dalecarlia areas, as seen on the map on the left. Naturally, many of the attacks on sheep happen in this area.
Strangely though,there has been quite an increase in later years of wolf attacks around the Scania area, in the Southernmost part of Sweden.

Location of Scania
Location of Scania

Of course, wolves can wander far, still, it seems somewhat strange that little Scania alone is subjected to 30% of all wolf attacks on sheep.
There is a possibility though that some of the Scania attacks are actually by dogs.

Another strange coincidence is that Scania is the only Swedish province where Werewolves have allegedly been sighted in the 20th century. Continue reading Sweden, wolves and Dogmen

Lake Monster coming up for air again

Statue of Storsjöodjuret in Östersund by Lake Storsjön

Sweden’s most famous lake monster, “Storsie” or Storsjöodjuret, has been making headlines again. This time the legendary beast said to dwell beneath the waves of Lake Storsjön may have been caught on video by a group of people out to watch the sunset.
Storsjöodjuret seems to pop up every now and then, to the bewilderment of eyewitnesses and patronizing amusement of others.

In 2009 the below photos were taken by eyewitnesses of the alleged beast.


In 2011 this photo was taken:

In 2013 a witness saw something yellowy-beige slithering through the water like a snake:

So, what do we think? Is there anything in the lake and if so, what?

The only Swedish Bigfoot footage?

Greetings blogizens!

After my long winter hiatus during which I have done nothing of value whatsoever (which was lovely by the way), I’m now back in the cryptic world of cryptids and the like.
I have been catching up on my Phantoms and Monsters newsletters (love, love, LOVE!) and I have already found a few things I’m going to have to write about here.
That will however have to wait in favor of what landed in my lap yesterday…
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Ragnarok- but I have laundry day then!

Ragnarok, Viking Armageddon is apparently just around the corner.
February 22, 2014.
I should have known something was up, I’ve been sick and I’ve slept like a koala on valium lately. No idea what’s been going on, might as well be Ragnarok.

helmet-sword-axe-shield-vikings-7961434But seriously, how in the world did Danielle Daglan from the Norvik Viking Centre come up with February 22nd? Because it’s the end of the feast jólablót, she says.
It is?
Granted, exactly when jólablót was celebrated/ performed is still in question. The question however is whether it occurred during the winter solstice in December or at mid-winter, which was thought to happen around January 14th. Either way, I doubt it lasted over a month.
Also, it happened every year.
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The troll situation in Sweden

Gullgruva och forn 055b
Sweden is the country with the worst cryptozoological climate I have found so far. We are Sweden, rational, scientific Sweden with the Nobel Prize and all that. How dare you assume there could be creatures out there not known by The Holy Science?!
Yet in the olden days, folklore and folk beliefs were extremely rife here. Just imagine the good old days when the legacy of Odin was law .
Norden_r_912The Northland part of Sweden was the last to be integrated and converted to Christianity. The Asatru lived on up here for much longer and we fiercely resisted being forcefully converted. We may have chased an apostle sent from Bremen in Germany and stoned him to death after he destroyed some of our heathen altars and knocked over a few stones of blood sacrifice. This happened in 1060. We may also have done the same with a tax collector from Sweden proper in 1317 for daring to consider us a part of Sweden they could squeeze extra income from.
Eventually we were incorporated into Sweden proper but I think many of us in Northland still feel that the heathen savage is still in our genes, even though he’s suppressed by a thin layer of civilization.
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Found on Flashback- The cabin, the cats and the old woman

Flashback forum is a Swedish forum about absolutely everything, from science and politics to drugs and the paranormal. It is a source of endless frustration as it’s completely overrun by hateful trolls who simply must comment on everything.  In most threads, especially the paranormal ones, the ratio between trolls and the serious commentators can be as bad as 3- 5: 1. Yet, journeying into this lawless wasteland can sometimes pay off as people talk about strange things that have happened to them, until the poison from the troll’s arrows cause them to fall silent and disappear.
I thought I might write some of my finds down as I can never be sure I will survive my next excursion to the wretched desert of eternal dusk that is flashback forum.
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Something odd maybe?

I saw a peculiar thing in the sky on Thursday night. It wasn’t dark, it’s midsummer in Sweden so it just never gets particularly dark, but you could see the moon against the blue summer night sky and under it I saw an object moving across the sky. It looked to be sort of cylindrical in shape and seemed to be lit as much as the moon was. It wasn’t dimmer or brighter than the moon, and looked to be the same white color. It moved from right to left, eastward, at about the same speed as a satellite and after watching it for 30 seconds or so it disappeared behind some clouds. It must have been flying at an altitude higher than the clouds then, and the sky was pretty clear and the clouds were light cirrus, which tend to be pretty high up if I remember correctly. I don’t remember ever having seen planes flying at above the clouds altitudes, but I suppose it might have been a plane, though it looked too big to be a plane at that altitude.
I tried to illustrate it on a photo. The moon was slightly fuller than the one in the photo but the sky and the color of the moon looks about right. The weird lines on the left side are supposed to be the clouds, although they had a slight reddish-brown tint due to the low sun.



Edit June 22 22.06:
Just checked the possibility of the object being the ISS but it has had no passes visible in Sweden during this period.