Dogmen and Native American Lore

Generally my work in this field of Dogman tends to concentrate on gathering sightings reports, mapping them and thinking an awful lot about what all of this could mean.
There are rarely any answers.
My true goal is not to gain anything, not notoriety, fame or money.
I’m looking to learn as much as I possibly can in the hope that I may be of help to people who come in contact with the phenomenon of Dogmen.
What I want to be able to say is something like:
“take a stick, smear it with tar and sprinkle on dried lavender and keep it just inside your front door to always be safe from Dogmen”.

Or in other words, I want to be able to give concrete advice, to help people protect themselves, be safe and feel safe.
And just to be clear: the tar stick won’t do you any good…

Sadly this creature doesn’t come with an instructions manual.
Observing its behavior toward witnesses, researching ancient lore and everything that has ever been put on paper about this subject still doesn’t offer much in the way of explanations.
As soon as you find some pieces of the puzzle that seem to fit together, to give you an idea, another thing comes along and shatters everything.
That is if you are true.
Some people have an idea and stick with it no matter what, trying to mold reality to fit within the outlines of that idea.
If you’re completely honest and truthful you admit that knowing all that you know means absolutely nothing.

What I can offer in the ways of advice is not even truly related to the Dogman itself. It’s small pieces picked up from skinwalker lore and fleshgait lore that might have something to do with the Dogman:

High density metals, such as iron, gold, silver.
Smoke of cinnamon.

Not much, is it?

Then I ran into this post in a Dogman group on Facebook. The post is by a woman, Marie, who is also featured on Dogman Encounters Radio ep 48.
I found the post very interesting and I believe it talks about things that would be very useful for people to know.
I have her permission to share her post here:

Native lore and dogmen

As some of you may know I was out doing some bush camping on the weekend.
As I was in southern Ontario and quite near a Indian reservation and needed fuel I stopped on the way home at a native owned gas bar. I’ve known the owner operator of the gas bar for a few years now, he knows I’m a outdoors person and about some of my adventures. He jokes sometime that I should have been a native. So as I trust him and he had time, I told him about the podcast I did on Dogman encounters.
He got a little animated and asked me if I could hang around for a while. So I did.
His shift ended and he asked me to his home for coffee. So I accompanied him to his home.
When we got there he introduced me to his father.
His father is about 70 years old, he has a weathered looking strongly native face and a typically Mohawk native mannerism about him. Stoicism and stalwart.
I was asked to tell my story so we sat on the porch drank strong black coffee brewed with wild chicory and I told him of my encounter.
The old man sat listening silently nodding on occasion but saying nothing.
After my story had been told he sat in silence for a long moment. Then got up and went into the house returning several minutes later with some home grown tobacco a small smooth stone with a wolf figure on it and some sweet grass.
Then he sat and started talking. The talk lasted about 2 hours.
He told me of Wendigo first. Wendigo is a native spirit creature cannibalistic and also a trickster.
Then he talked about wolf people. He told me that when one enters the wilds they should do it with respect for everything around them. You should not enter the bush thinking you know everything.
You should never challenge nature because nature cannot be challenged.
Wolf people show them selves to people in two ways. The watcher is the first way. When one see’s a watcher they can expect to feel scrutinized and a sense of unease. If a watcher interacts with you it may be a trickster, items may go missing from your camp.
It may spring out at you. Scare you or follow you.
He gave me the stone tobacco and sweet grass. Then we walked into the woods behind his home. He instructed me to roll the tobacco between my fingers then lay it on the ground. I did so. He told me to light the sweet grass aflame so I did.
We let it smolder, waving it to the north then south east and west. Saying nothing at all.
The stone he gave me stayed in my pocket. He told me to keep it.
He said the watcher will not hurt you unless you try to hurt it.
We went back to the porch. Sat a bit more.
He said if you are angry, vengeful or have ill intentions you may meet the other kind. If you do something contrary to nature you may attract it. He told me of times angry people have disappeared. Never seen again.
He concluded the conversation telling me that if you enter the wilds with respect you will return home with a sense of peace. But if you enter with ill intentions, anger or with out respect for nature. You may not return at all.

I’ve always loved nature. I’ve always been awed by it’s majesty.
The night I had my encounter Jody was upset that we had been run off by the policeman back in town.
He was angry and hostile about the situation. It went for him.
It all comes together in my mind now.
I’ve never seen a Dogman since.
If I do see one it will probably be a watcher. Because I love and respect nature and it soothes me. Guys when you go out into our be beautiful wilderness do it at peace. Peace with yourself and everything around you.
Fear and anger brings bad things to you.

33 thoughts on “Dogmen and Native American Lore”

  1. I have some different and interesting ideas on my google page regarding some of the things happening within our world. Please don’t take offense to things you may see regarding my views of humanity, i am just very much in support of the animals and even these cryptids. Its an amazing world yes indeed. I read the native lore and dogmen story here. I was deeply touched by it. Also i am going through a deep spiritual journey as a werewolf. I took a long walk in the dark on a dirt road the other night in the heart of wolf creature territory. I felt such contentment, its a wonderful experience. Please Take care.

  2. The wendigo is NOT a trickster of any type even remotely close to that of a “werewolf” “dogman” or “wolf people” or any other name people like you make up. Your story is either partially fake or you were misinformed. People like you make any form of disclosure near impossible. And “zay” YOU are NOT a werewolf… are pathetic. NO “werewolf” flaunt themselves like a trophy to be envied or desired let alone admit to being such a thing due to the unpredictable yet highly dangerous outcomes that would result from such a careless and idiotic statement that IF it were factual the government would bag and tag you if your own kind did not “dispose” of you first. To sum it all up a native American trickster is “here” to observe for the holy spirit and is COMPLETELY different than a wendigo which WILL eat a person if possible. To those reading this please note a “werewolf” is either a person who summoned demons around them through satanic worship OR is a servent of God. If you drive in sin you are COMPLETELY exposed and vulnerable HOWEVER prayer does keep all “werewolf” “tricksters” at bay for obvious reasons. I hope people stop trying to be apart of something they do not understand and completely disrespect regardless of the intentions. Leave the life of these creatures alone. They deserve their own lives to be explained by themselves WITHOUT a panicked, uninformed , assumptively homicidal”species” (humans) thinking and believing things their own”kind” fabricated. If a “werewolf” does exist is has no motivation of any type to reveal itself to the public and is more likely to remove itself as much as possible from ANY exposure from fear of being looked at as a mutant creature that would not have an opportunity to answer mankind’s endless questions and assumptions which would likely lead to jealous and hateful humans hunting it down and killing it before it even had a chance to simply exist openly amongst people. Thank you for your time. I hope this is useful. Thank you.

    1. I have to say I’m so very confused by this comment…
      First of all, the mentioning of wendigo in this post was by an older Native American in a QUOTE, not by me.

      Maybe you should get better acquainted with my blog before you go a spew hateful crap like this all over it?

      1. I’ve followed (and communicated with) you on “YouTube” for several years now, ever since the (entirely unwelcome) issue of “Dogmen” intruded on my efforts to document what I believe is a resident “Bigfoot” troupe near where I reside in the PacNW (yes, I will attest to the existence of “Bigfoot” type creatures – I don’t even say I “believe in them” for the simple reason that there is no “belief” involved – I’ve seen what I’ve seen, despite what was, originally, a rather extreme skepticism on the issue). I consider “Dogmen” (if they exist – I’ve had no unequivocal, personal encounters with them or anything like them), then, like “Bigfoot”, I believe they are entirely biological entities (most likely a form of large Caniform, rather than Canid). While one might rue “Anonymouswolf’s” harsher language, much of what he/she says is correct and, frankly, needed said. Study of the phenomenon is not helped by people who, for whatever reasons, want to portray themselves as “werewolves” (or elves or fairies or pixies). One must also be careful in taking native/aboriginal lore too literally. I recall, from my days in anthropology, looking at the “Dreamtime” traditions of the Australian aborigines. They have an entire cosmology built up around the belief that dreams are not a brain-based, visceral experience but, rather, reflect time spent in an entirely real, alternative reality where they go when they sleep. They make no distinction between what they see and do in the waking world and what they believe they see and do in their sleep (and I both respect and reject all religious traditions – the point isn’t to make fun of their beliefs but simply to point out the risks of relying, too literally and too credulously, on reports which depend on and/or evoke a belief system rather than an objectifiable, “real” experience). That said, there are some interesting, potentially useful bits of information to be gleaned from the old Indian’s comments. Take, for instance, the invocation of “watchers” (precisely the same term I apply to the sentries which guard the entrance points to the area where I believe the “Bigfoot” troupe resides). If “Dogmen” behavior is at all analogous to that seen with the primate-like creatures we’ve observed, then that’s believable. They would tend to guard against intrusions by a potential threat such as humans. Even the point about going in with “good intentions” may be fact based. We know that dogs, for instance, can detect, to some degree, human emotions and attitudes (most likely through smell but possibly by other means as well) and it is possible that people exuding fear or aggression might send “signals” to these “watchers” which will shape their response. However, the idea that you can ward off an attack with some tobacco and sweet grass is probably not very useful – or, at least, about as useful as warding off a cougar attack with the same materials and rituals. Whatever comfort this may bring the practitioner, there’s no objective reason to believe in its actual efficacy. So, perhaps “Anonymouswolf” is not really that “off base” in dismissing “Zay’s” claims (and he/she is certainly much more correct in his/ her explication of the “Wendigo/Trickster” issue than the original informant). “Zay” can believe anything he/she wishes, but according it evidentiary weight would be a mistake, for many of the reasons raised by “Anonymous”.

    2. Anonymouswolf01

      Your words lack any real humility of spirit and just want to say that arrogance and anger won’t get you as far as you think it will. You probably didn’t even realize that I stand apart from my own kind to support nature and the animals. An individual truly worthy of life is not a person that only supports his own species, but also stands up to protect non human life as well, and there are many that are wishy washy about protecting and supporting non human life. Make no mistake, there are few creatures in this world as malevolent as humans, regardless of how kind people are to each other, humanity has not been kind to nature and the earth. I find much more honor being a werewolf, than being a self righteous human bigot. Arrogance , pride and anger are very dangerous virtues to live by. And being werewolf is not about being a monster, it is a means of separation from your own species malevolence and misdeeds. You can choose your own path, even amongst the shadows.

      Even those that follow the Bible blindfolded may not find themselves worthy in the end. This is mentioned in the great book itself, yet it’s funny how so many of its followers overlook this subtle reference. I’m not religious, nor do I dabble in such matters, but your comment was more than a bit rude and unappreciated. Here are some words of wisdom for you to think about.

      An individual truly worthy of the truth, is one who discovers it on their own, whether or not they followed in the footsteps of another.

      1. Honestly Zay, no offense but you can defend these creatures all you want, I had my own encounter years ago, it wasn’t pleasant. Not to mention nothing was done to provoke any attack, our own animals were killed just for sport by these beings, not even for the necessity of food. Bigfoot do not do this, THEY are benevolent, not the Dogmen. I honestly think you’re some werewolf fanatic who’s just making this shit up.

      2. I find myself largely on “Dakota’s” side in this dispute, save to the extent that he/she generalizes about “Bigfoot”. While the ones we encounter have not been overtly aggressive, when our own forays into their neighborhood became too frequent or intrusive, they did respond by erecting barricades, bringing out their biggest member, and shadowing us more aggressively. Claiming that they are invariably benign or friendly would be a mistake. Ditto with “Dogmen”. Almost every story I have heard of them (incl. an absolutely hair raising one which occurred at the northern boundary of our investigation area) emphasizes, at the least, their “air of menace” and, even more often, their actual aggressiveness. I don’t know if “grmentle” is meant to be “gentle”, but, if it is, then it is likely a dangerous oversimplification, if not downright dangerous. I’ve had run-ins with all kinds of animals, marine and terrestrial, and I will tell you that the ONLY safe attitude to bring to the encounter is the knowledge that any animal which can kill you, WILL kill you under the right circumstances and those circumstances may require nothing more than proximity.

      3. This is so awesome , I’ve found being an empath and of the star ppl, that humans are destroying the earth and all life. So many ppl are not awoken enough to see things of what they claim to be folk lore. But common sense, if even in the Bible speaks of unicorns and dinosaurs , why would all the folk lore of old times not be something real. Ppl tend to make their judgment on science, but lack what your heart and gut and mind, feels when they are balanced together. Knowing the unknown , frightens them, so then the fear and anger will be all they see and feel. Being open to the universe laws, is so different than being blind to all that is around us. Being open lets you see how your land breaths at night because it feels things are happening , to see animals and speak with animals is a gift many have no clue how to do. If we would listen to all of natures signs we would understand and except the unknown . I now understand that we as love and light ppl are to open ppls mind to whom we truly are meant to be. To show others there is more in this universe you can’t see if you are blind. When I first had my gifts I knew I needed to use them to awaken others. I used to scare so many with my thoughts and love and light, because it makes them think on something their mind has no clue exists. I am open with who and what I am, I will not hide because of ppls judgment. They can call me crazy all they’d like. But I do know there is things out there on this earth, that you will never see if you stay blind. Sending love and light.

    3. I agree 100%, but Dogmen aren’t werewolves and arent made up, they are real being that actually exist unlike werewolves and lycanthropes. And they don’t transform like those other creatures, they are what they are, which is what you picture when you think of “dogman”.

    4. I am Native,American where I live is like a dog men paradise. Why I don’t know. I along with others with me have seen them countless times. They are grmentle and very intelligent

  3. Thank you for sharing, I agree in regards to respecting the forest or wherever you are be grateful, secondly in regards to anonymous I think they didn’t get the message in regards to carrying hate, like attracts like as they say.

  4. There are people who have had good experiences with Dogmen. These flesh and blood beings know who love and respect nature and the rich varied life Earth supports. Those are the people they dont harm. They are defensive against those who feel everything is put on Earth for them to use.

    1. There is much to be learned about life that much is certain. I found your words inspiring and insightful. Even in “The Book” there are subtle cross references to many believing they have life figured out only to find out later they were wrong. PEACE.

  5. Hello everyone. I have been thinking as I have researched Sasquatch and Dogman(wolf people). I am a sixteen generation American with Native blood on my moms side. Being multicultural, Scotch, Irish, Mexican and Apache Indian growing up in Texas. I have respect for all beings, of any race. All I ask is that u respect me as well or we will have a problem. I require it like most people. I too love the outdoors living in Austin TX. in my younger years moving to Houston when I was in Middle school and been here ever since. I have many pets and love all animals.
    I have always had an interest in Bigfoot since I was a young boy hearing the stories. I have discovered where they the Sasquatch people like to hang out in the forest of Texas. I will not tell you which forest as I wish them no harm. The Sasquatch people love to watch us. We are there entertainment. I have several pictures of them. I know they are there with the Dogmen. I have come to believe that they tolerate each other or possibly have a symbiotic relationship. I have a pic with juvenile Sasquatches with Dogmen not far away. The Native American people have known of them for hundreds of years. If an elder told that story I would listen and learn. Take it with a grain of salt. I feel for people who are dealing with aggressive Dogmen. My own commonsense tells me that our own folk lore of Werewolves are just a mistaken identity. What people have been calling Werewolves are really Dogmen( wolf people) for thousands of years. I am sure sooner or later these Cryptids will be proven to the closed minded people in the future. Let us just hope none of us or them are hurt in the process. Thank you Ms. Cloaked Hedgehog for your help in spreading the word. God Bless All.

  6. I have been fascinated with all things Bigfoot for many years. I had believed for may years though I believed in Bigfoot. I had NO experience prior to my sightings till spring 2010 when I saw three of them crossing a road. Later in september I had some health problem. This caused me sometime have two memories of the same events. IF my new memories are somewhat truthful then as youth my minor encounters with Bigfoot was more as a guardian like role. They may have scared to chase me away from trouble maybe even other bigfoots who did not share the same concern. I do have some really bad nightmare centering around possible bigfoot encounters. BUT those memories are partial and incomplete. I was recent travelled back community where I grew up and went to verify. Though much has changed to a degree I seem to verify parts of my new memories.

    I had read accounts where it is implied that Bigfoot can make a human forget.

    I had in the past ventured out into the wilderness alone to look for signs of bigfoot. I later decided it was extreme unwise to do so. I still hear wood knocks often in places I feel Bigfoot should not be. Though there may be wilderness and or forest near by. That area should Not be enough to support a bigfoot.

    Dogman/werewolf. In the Marines and while in a training exercise in Denmark I was send with group german speaking soldiers to practice our tracking skills. WE came across what tracks made by a man walking in dress shoes in the wilderness. WE followed the tracks and could see where he sat down to undress. WE could see were he folded and placed his clothes as it lifted a small amount of dust off the rock. Then we followed his bare foot prints. his bare foot prints entered stream and then some distance later he existed the stream and appeared to running by the distance between foot prints. then prints changed fro human to something like an exception large dog. WE follow the print to farmer fields. But the Denmark police were there already they did not want to hear anything about werewolves or a naked human running around the wilderness.

    WE did find more prints add followed them back to whee he undressed and took a slightly different path back to his car.

    One theory was that maybe a large dog had been in the wilderness near the farm and chased the naked man and just happen to step in his foot print.

    Back dogman / were wolf. I am guessing a Dogman is a type of bigfoot and a werewolf is shape-changer . Though it is hard to argue that dogman is REAL and any shape changer is fantasy.

  7. I have moved on hedge, back to the shadows, where I will be continuing my journey with nature and the earth in deeper and more direct ways, take care, and I may emerge again someday in the future. Take care

  8. It seems anything that attacks a white man in the outdoors is a holy being and a righteous defender of nature to the natives. Now I love animals, i love nature,want it preserved and clean, but i also believe the life in nature is meant to be harvested responsibly. Man is part of nature and a top predator, there is nothing wrong with hunting which is killing. These creatures have attacked all sorts of people, good, bad, native, white, whatever and they almost always behave very threateningly and many people go missing out in the woods all the time and people are even found shredded up in there own homes with canine-like dna left at the scene. I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot the thing dead, sounds like they can take beating but are indeed flesh and blood, anzio 20mm would make short work of them. Im a treehugger, but you radicals are so nauseating sometimes.

    1. I agree, Berlioz. There are too many bleeding hearts who think these creatures are some sort of “guardian of nature”, not just a dangerous being like they actually are. I wouldn’t try to provoke one of them, but I also have no issue with dropping one of them if it attempts to attack. I also don’t instantly take the word of every random native as gospel. Natives also have their own fair share of liars, shit-talkers, & blowhards.

  9. Very good article. I Know that in the scientific community they seem to think it impossible for these creatures to exist,but I have heard too many accounts that are amazingly believable. One of them was “My worst nightmare.”(Dogman encounters radio.) That one pretty much convinced me that there is a terrifying, bipedal,canine species hiding in the world’s Forrest’s. Although there are quite a few of those episodes that I think people are just making shit up. (I think there are a lot of people who look for attention in this way.) There are some that are amazingly convincing. If that story she told in that episode is made up, then she should become an actor, because she has Oscar winning talent! That woman,when she tells her story, you can hear the terror in her voice,the PTSD is frighteningly close to the surface. I don’t think these animals are supernatural,maybe,but I lean more towards them just being an undocumented species of canine. There doesn’t seem to be any reason that sometime during the world’s natural history that this thing adapted, and evolved from some kind of prehistoric canine. In a world where Tyrannosaurus rex was once a reality,why couldn’t there be an upright wolf like animal? By the way,T. rex walked upright. No offense meant towards native Americans,and their beliefs. They seem to have a lot of knowledge,and wisdom,and I definitely agree with having respect for nature when you enter it.

  10. So since it is considered of Native American origins what would you recommend using to repel them from your home? I ask cause I’ve been looking at a farmhouse in Northern Kentucky, but the owner says that the house has been harassed by something resembling a large wolf that sometimes switches from all fours to two legs.

    1. It is not at all certain that ALL Dogmen are in fact skinwalkers or that they have anything to do with native lore. Their origins could well be something entirely different.
      Whatever they are they are probably NOT something you would want hanging around your home!
      It sounds very much like there’s a Dogman living around that farmhouse in Kentucky and I would actually STRONGLY advise AGAINST buying that particular property!
      People have actually been harassed in their homes and been forced to just flee, leave everything, because of situations that have arisen.

      What has the current owner said about this creature? In what way has he/she been harassed by it?

    2. two words: STAY AWAY
      for the current owner: RUN AWAY

      To say they are being “harassed” by dogmen is, I think, quite the understatement.

      Perhaps a wolf pack could harass humans near their homes (if they even dared approach it).

      No, dogmen seem to be *haunting* and/or *stalking* that farm house property. Judging from what I’ve heard via Dogmen Encounters, their intent it to kill without remorse and quite possibly without a need.

      If they are indeed hanging around, it seems like there is precious little one could do about it to repel them. Fences seem useless for something with such speed and agility.

      If nothing else, they should invest in high-caliber firearms and silver bullets.

    3. Can you message me? I know it sounds crazy but, if you bought that property I can help you deal with the problem (pleasantly, humanely and easily!). And if you didnt buy the property, I may be interested in it myself! Please let me know either way.
      saturnwolf (at) zoho (dot) com

  11. If Dogmen are watchers then they must have a lot of problem with Skinwalkers, Skinwalkers kill a lot of animals and always have eveil intentions.

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