Dimension Apprehension

Science doesn’t stand in one spot and points. Science leads.
We cannot refuse to go where science leads us, even if it’s to places we never thought we’d visit.

So many people claim that Bigfoot and Dogman and other cryptozoological beings cannot exist. They point to science as proof.
But science is no longer where it was when they were young.
Most people learn very little once they’re out of school, and when they point to science as proving the impossibility of these creature’s existence, they tend to refer to science as it was when they learned it.
When you talk about a multiverse, about parallel dimensions these people call it sci-fi, fantasies.
But it isn’t.

Reputed scientists are now more and more leaning towards the concept that we live in a multiverse. That parallel dimensions are right there, next to us, even though we may not be able to perceive them.
When science talks about parallel universes they mean real universes that exist in other dimensions.
At the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland they are working on learning about these parallel universes right now.

I’m not claiming to understand this concept perfectly, by any means, but  from what I do understand I can say I find it intriguing, relevant and even likely.

My point here, as usual, is still cryptozoology.
Are cryptozoological beings coming here from other dimensions?
If so, how and for what purpose?
And what are these parallel universes like?
Did evolution happen differently there? Did it happen at all?
Who’s to say anything really? Our minds cannot imagine any more dimensions than the three we currently exist in.

I want to talk about the so-called Type-3 Dogman for a while.
It kind of doesn’t make sense.
I’m open, I’m convinced both Bigfoot and Dogman exists, but the Type-3 seems to be a sort of mix between the two and this is what I’m having problems with.
At Phantoms and Monsters today I read about an encounter a witness had in 2014. There was a description and an attached sketch.

from Phantoms and Monsters
from Phantoms and Monsters

To me the creature appears to have been a Type-3 Dogman, even though I may be skeptical as to whether it is in fact a Dogman at all.
A dogman per definition, to me, has dog-like legs and as such walks in a digitigrade fashion.
The Type-3 has straight, simian-like legs and walks plantigrade.
The only reason it has been included in the concept of Dogman is its apparent snout, its appearance of claws and upright ears.

I have always perceived this creature to be more closely related to Bigfoots, but Bigfoots are presumably primates and as such don’t have claws.
But even though they technically have nails, not claws, their nails are very thick and strong and if long could probably quite easily be mistaken for claws. 

As for the ears appearing pointy. Well, first of all, ears come in many shapes and sizes and vary quite a lot even within one species. They also tend to be larger in older individuals.
If seen from the front rounded ears can appear pointy.

The snout tends to be short in these Type-3’s. Many primates have a short snout. Some even have a longer one, like baboons.

There you have my reasons for why I believe the Type-3 is more like a Bigfoot than a Dogman.
Type-3’s also tend to be both taller and much bulkier than a Canine Dogman.

I do still have another idea about these Type-3’s. This idea would require giving them their very own grouping within cryptozoology.
They could be called Bearman.
Bears have both a short snout and claws. They walk plantigrade and they have straight legs.
If Dogman exists and if it comes from an other dimension, then what’s to say a similarly developed Bearman couldn’t exist somewhere as well?
Or for those who really need the explanation for these things to be as down-to-earth as possible; if wolves evolved, why not bears?

People do seem to be seeing a whole slew of bipedal creature with human-like characteristics. They see Dogmen, ape-men, insect-men, reptile-men and so on and so forth.
Are the other universes full of creatures where, not humans, but something else, reached the top, evolutionary-wise? Is there a dimension for each version of how it “might have been”?

The PIA (Paranormal Intelligence Agency) developed a theory about something called the Mach effect, or Woodward effect, and how it could be affecting Earth in ways we may never have imagined.
The Mach effect is a theory hypothesized by James F. Woodward in 1990.
Woodward claims there are at least three Mach effect that are theoretically possible, and that they could, if harnessed, be used for propulsion in space travel, and possibly even the creation and utilization of benevolent wormholes.
The theory goes, and try grasping this on the first read:

“Transient mass fluctuations arise in any object that absorbs internal energy while undergoing a proper acceleration.”

Transient mass fluctuations can mean variations in certain fields in different areas. I suppose.
An object that absorbs internal energy while undergoing a proper acceleration is a bit harder, but if we imagine Earth moving through space, then it would pass through sections where certain energy fields would differ from other areas- transient mass fluctuations.
The earth, being an object that absorbs internal energy while accelerating would then be subjected to this Mach effect/ Woodward effect, at least in the parts of it that are susceptible to this. (Not that I get “absorbs internal energies”. They are internal, how more absorbed can they get?)
Yes I know, brain hurts, and I might even be way off, but let’s go with this now.


Quartz, when stressed, is claimed to generate very strong electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are said to be the membrane that separates dimensions.
Is it possible that the parts of the rock strata that contain high levels of quartz are subjected to this Woodward effect at certain times in the year, times when Earth passes through a specific field in space?
And which of these three potential Mach effects is triggered then?
Could the generation of the strong magnetic fields in certain areas be causing an opening/ portal/ vortex between our universe and another?

The PIA propose this theory as a possible explanation for the disappearances of people in David Paulides Missing 411-books.
Could these people have been transported via a wormhole into another dimension?
And for cryptozoology I ask this question; could these proposed wormholes/ vortices be utilized by creatures from another dimension to enter this one?
Now that’s something to think about.

See how interesting it is when you follow science?


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