Fresh new summer outfit

The blog was given a makeover.
New theme, easier to read and overlook.
You know how blogs get when they are about to turn three- it’s all about looking fresh and not having any embarrassing typos…
They grow up so fast. 😛
Anyway- hope you like it!


O Canada

I need your help!

I’ve always had a thing for Canada and Canadians. A lot of Canada looks like Sweden, nature-wise, and Canadians just seem so pleasant.
Not to mention the sheer number of very fine men that hail from Canada…. 😉

But what I need from you are dogman/ werewolf sightings.

You’ve seen my maps. (If you haven’t the Americas one is here.) Doesn’t it seem a tad peculiar that the sightings just pretty much end at the northern border of the US? Some sporadic dots here and there in Canada but nothing like it is in the US.

Why is that?
Is Canada werewolf-free?
Hardly. Just the other day I got a report of two sightings in the Montreal area.
I know the dogmen are in Canada too, they just don’t get reported as much.

I would actually guess that people in Canada are a bit like people are here in Sweden. They don’t talk about this sort of thing. They are down to earth, and toughened by the climate and general lifestyle up there and they handle things as they see fit. The last thing they need is for people to think they’re crazy, life is lonely enough as it is.

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