TCH turns 4!

The Cloaked Hedgehog. Such a perfectly normal name…
And now it’s been around for over 4 years.

I started on Blogspot with a blog called Pieces of the puzzle, but quite soon moved to, where I’ve now been writing for 4 years.



Lately I’ve been thinking about the future of this blog.
Should I just continue the same way? Should I move to Should I move more towards a vlog? Should I maybe even quit altogether?
It’s hard to get readers when you write about things like Dogmen and you are 1. a woman, who is not Linda Godfrey, and are 2. Swedish.
I don’t have any schmexy first hand accounts to share. I don’t have any photos of footprints or blurry potential photos of the creature itself to share as I can’t just go out into the woods and find stuff like that since we really don’t have Dogmen in Sweden. At least not to any extent that would lead to people having sightings or finding tracks.
Instead I’ve offered what I can. History and background, theories, science mixed with an open mind. Ideas and speculations from my brilliant mind (cough…). Continue reading TCH turns 4!