Speculations, ideas, assumptions and theories

I’m so tired of being left with only that when I have wet dreams about KNOWLEDGE!
All I ask for is to become pals with a Bigfoot or a Werewolf and get to know their ways and their secrets, now is that too much to ask???
I don’t even need to write about it. I just want to know. For my own sake.
I’m tired of the speculations! I want facts!
It would be so much easier to not believe in these sort of things, but I’ve read too much, seen too much, heard too much.
I’m a freshly baked vanilla bun and I can never become dough again. If you get what I mean.
But damn if I know where to go from here.
Sure, I can keep reading reports, pinning more sightings to my google earth and watch the circle of death around Lake Michigan become redder and redder with werewolf pins but where does that even lead to? It doesn’t give me any more facts. It just makes me more and more frustrated.

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Cheetah dodge Elk Hog! (Or: The great meltdown)

Such a relief! That Elk Hog is one fierce beast! Not unlike its distant cousin the hedgehog.

Not to worry, I haven’t lost that beautiful mind of mine, not quite. OK, some of it, but I remain hopeful it will be found the next time I’m in a Texaco station. Which will be a while because the Texaco stations in Sweden were taken over by Preem in 1997 in what I can only assume was a bloody and merciless coup in which limbs were flying everywhere.
Yes, I concede, the whole mind might be lost, but in my defense I have also slept 6 hours total in the last 3 nights. So there.
No, this isn’t a real post. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m actually writing it right now. Perhaps I only think I am but in reality I’m strapped in a bed somewhere being pumped full of haldol and thorazine and whatnot. Just ignore me, OK? Stop staring!
I’m soooo tired….

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