Movie night

You’ll be glad to hear my cocooning is going very well! The number of zombies I’ve killed in the last few weeks and the gory ways in which I have disposed of them should set your mind at ease should a zombie apocalypse actually occur. All hail the creators of the Resident Evil games.
When I feel the button pressing on the controller gets too strenuous I turn to movies, and I actually thought I might recommend, or at least review a few for you.
Now don’t go expecting romantic comedies and such crap. You know me. The genre is horror.
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Interesting book by Hoss Lors

I was listening to The Haunted Harvest Moon on Ztalk radio last night. Hoss Lors was the guest and he was talking about his experiences living on the Navajo reservation. Today I got his book, Skinwalker Shards Linger.
The Navajo Skinwalker is something you definitely need to be aware of if you ever hope to make any kind of sense of the reports of strange beings people keep seeing, especially werewolves. I wrote about Skinwalkers in my post The evil that men do and I’m always looking for more information since it’s pretty scarce. The Navajo do not talk much about Skinwalkers to outsiders since it is believed that talking about them draws their attention.
This book is like a window into a closed off world. A somewhat dented and dirty window, but still a clearer view than you can usually find. By this I mean the book doesn’t hold any ultimate answers but it gives you insights most white people are too separated from by time and society.
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10 million dollar Bigfoot bounty…

Oh no…
Oh Gawd…
So this is why the former friends now hate each other and “demand” that all of us do the same?
There are people in this I actually thought had integrity!
I feel sick after having watched the preview. People are using women as “bait”, hoping that they’re menstruating…
What a horrible, disgusting idea this is! Egos are flying around, women are nothing…
Consider me out of the mainstream Bigfoot world.