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The troll situation in Sweden

Gullgruva och forn 055b
Sweden is the country with the worst cryptozoological climate I have found so far. We are Sweden, rational, scientific Sweden with the Nobel Prize and all that. How dare you assume there could be creatures out there not known by The Holy Science?!
Yet in the olden days, folklore and folk beliefs were extremely rife here. Just imagine the good old days when the legacy of Odin was law .
Norden_r_912The Northland part of Sweden was the last to be integrated and converted to Christianity. The Asatru lived on up here for much longer and we fiercely resisted being forcefully converted. We may have chased an apostle sent from Bremen in Germany and stoned him to death after he destroyed some of our heathen altars and knocked over a few stones of blood sacrifice. This happened in 1060. We may also have done the same with a tax collector from Sweden proper in 1317 for daring to consider us a part of Sweden they could squeeze extra income from.
Eventually we were incorporated into Sweden proper but I think many of us in Northland still feel that the heathen savage is still in our genes, even though he’s suppressed by a thin layer of civilization.
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Why are there “no” Bigfoots in Sweden?

The taiga belt. The coniferous forests stretching all around the planet, right between the arctic regions and the temperate zones. The largest biome on the planet, making up 29% of the world’s forest cover.

The taiga belt

Preferred habitat of Bigfoot and its ilk.
All around the world the taiga seems to be teeming with Bigfoot/ Sasquatch. Even the arctic and temperate zones get theirs in the forms of the Yeti of the Himalayas, the Almas of the Kaukasus and Pamir mountains. Heck, even tropical and subtropic areas have their own big hairy hominids! The Yowie of Australia, The Orang Pendek of Malaysia, the Skunkape of Florida and the southern States of America, The Mogollon monster of Arizona.
The list goes on.
Sweden, however, remains Bigfoot-less.
Why? And is it really?
To answer that question one needs to delve deep into the psyche of the Swede.

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