K-9 or Type 3

Terminology can be pretty confusing when dealing with cryptozoology. Terms are coined in an attempt to categorize certain features and to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Dogmen, which is the PC term to use nowadays, to separate the phenomenon from the “Hollywood Werewolf”, tend to come in two officially recognized types:
Canine (K-9) or Type 3.

I wouldn’t say I have a serious problem with this terminology, but it does bother me to some extent.

First of all, Hollywood did not invent the term Werewolf. That name goes back hundreds of years, and the concept of it many thousands.
I tend to sometimes use the term werewolf on my blog simply because that was its name while I was growing up, and I have truly been interested in these creatures my entire life.
It’s like a calling, a mission almost.

Second, the categories of K-9 and Type 3:
varisenK-9/ Canine is the one I tend to think of as the “proper Werewolf/ Dogman”. It has the build of a gigantic dog or wolf but can walk upright like a human at times. The legs are “bent backwards”, as in it has legs like a dog.

The Beast of Seven Chutes

Type 3 is actually referred to as a Type 3 Bigfoot, and it’s built much more like a simian being.
It just happens to come with a snout reminiscent of a baboon-type creature. The legs are straight like a human’s or a Bigfoot’s.

A photo taken in Sept Chutes in southern Quebec, Canada in 2005 may have caught this type of creature.

Personally I tend to lean towards the Type 3’s belonging to the Bigfoot family.I don’t think they are really Werewolves/ Dogmen.
I think they are simply Bigfoots who happen to have a snout for whatever reason.
Possibly they are the result of interbreeding between Bigfoot and Dogman. They might also just happen to look that way because they are of a slightly different breed than the more classic Bigfoot.

When talking to and listening to people who have had the Type 3 encounters, one doesn’t seem to find much of that complete horror that the K-9 witnesses typically describe. Some seem to be able to form a kind of bond with a group of these creature in a way I believe would be completely impossible with a K-9 type.

Not having encountered either one (thankfully) I can not say for sure if the Type 3 is in fact a Dogman or not, but I am leaning towards not.
I believe it to be more of a Bigfoot.
Though it is said to have claws, not nails, which is something that is not found in the primate world. Though observations of claws in the Type 3’s could be especially thick nails, giving the impression of claws.
We won’t really know until a Dogman comes in for a mani-pedi. 😉
As always, no etching in stone as absolute truth has been done, and with new information comes new insights and opinions.
And I do want to hear of all encounters, be they with K-9 ones or Type 3 ones!

3 thoughts on “K-9 or Type 3”

  1. Thank you for the info on K9 & Type 3 Dog man. What about Type 1 & 2 as well as any other type? Pls post about them too.

    1. Type 1 is West coast/ patty type. Watch the Patterson/Gimlin film of 1967. The type 2 is smaller, uglier, and more aggressive, these look more like a gorilla. Type 3 is a Genosqua/Wendego/Stone Giant, these have short muzzles in some cases and meat eating teeth. These things kill people and eat them. Type 4 is the abominable snow man, little is confirmed about these, and it seems type 3 &4 are often called yeti/abominable snow men as both types are often found in attic climates. There is also another thing called a Mountain Giant. These are much larger and some reports are of Bigfoot types, others are man like. Dog man is some kind of canine, but with hands like giant raccoon hands, and a torso that appears to be similar to human. All of these types of creatures are real and have been hit by cars in every state in North America. One other thing is apparently called a Troll, which looks like a type 1 / 2 but has longer hair and appears to resemble a huge black “cousin It” , as its limbs are difficult to see with it long hair reaching the ground and covering it’s outlines as it moves on all fours.

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