Dogman DNA

I’m a supporter of Dr. Melba Ketchum and her research into the genetic makeup of cryptozoological beings such as Bigfoot and Dogman.
If you are not then ask yourself why?
Was it because someone you respect produced a snarky comment and you wish to stay on their good side? If so- bad reason.
Yes, Dr. Ketchum refers to herself as a self trained geneticist. Is that what’s bothering you? Unless there’s a piece of paper to prove it you don’t believe people can know anything about anything?
In that case you shouldn’t be here in the first place. I have no papers stating that I know anything about anything but I claim to know quite a lot none the less. And I keep learning more every single day.

About genetic testing though I claim to know very little. I can’t decidedly say whether the testing was done in a satisfactory way or not since I don’t know enough to process the information that is out there effectively and correctly.
I do however know that the testing didn’t involve a self trained geneticist sitting around in her basement messing with vials and test tubes…
The genetic testing of the Bigfoot samples have been made at laboratories at different universities. There’s no arguing the scientific method involved in this.
Yet arguing there was.

Strangely I get the feeling that had Dr. Ketchum been either male or had a degree in genetics, there would have been a very different outcome of this whole thing.
People tend to pay copious amounts of attention to the most insignificant details and fail to see the bigger picture.
A case of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

At any rate, Dr. Ketchum has received some intriguing results on
the screening of Dogman genetic samples.
The samples came from a Dogman which was allegedly hit by a car in the Northwestern USA.
Note that screening is not the same as uncovering a full genome.
So far the results are only claiming that the mitochondrial DNA, the one passed down maternally, is, in fact, wait for it…
Human! How can that be?
Could it be contamination of the sample? Possible, but unlikely.
The sample was said to be canine looking hair and there was an eye witness on the scene claiming it was not a wolf.
I hear. I can’t confirm as I wasn’t there.

IF these results are scientifically correct, then that leaves only three options for what a Dogman is;

Nephilim, Skinwalker or genetic experiment.

When the mtDNA is human and the nuclear DNA as yet unknown, we must deal with this information.
At some point in time a human female was impregnated by something and produced a Dogman?
Well, that does sound a tad far fetched, especially since something genetically unrelated to us cannot mate with us and produce offspring. At least not those whose number of chromosomes don’t match ours.
Though according to wikipedia;

having different numbers of chromosomes is not an absolute barrier to hybridization; similar mismatches are relatively common in existing species, a phenomenon known as chromosomal polymorphism.

What do we make of it?

I’ll tell you. We need the full genome to be mapped.
How? We leave it in Dr. Ketchum’s capable hands.
All she needs are funds. Genetic testing is not cheap.
She has a fund raiser at Go Fund Me. I donated $5 this month since I’m poor, but I will donate that every month because I really want the results.
Those of you who can, give something, anything.
Money keeps getting spent on the most unnecessary things, but this is actually important.
Dogman is out there. It might be extremely dangerous, yet people traipse around in the woods completely unaware.
People disappear. It does happen and whether Dogmen are involved I can’t say, but being aware of the situation, any situation is not a bad thing. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

Look at my map. Realize that the number of sightings are most likely ten times, maybe a hundred times higher than what is reported. All I can do is map the ones people do report.
And please donate something to Dr. Ketchum for her genetic testing. We need to know as much as we can.

Stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Dogman DNA”

  1. I have seen dogman, and my encounter has terrified me….I view things at night a whole different way now..the feeling that I got from this thing was that it was not of this earth and it emananated pure evil……this sighting has totally changed the way I view this earth now….I thought from the moment I saw this thing that it was demonic, and not of this realm….I am saying nephilim, product of human women and fallen angels…….

    1. Hi Arminda,

      I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a traumatic encounter with a Dogman. I would love to talk to you about it. You can write to me at if you want and we can discuss it.
      The only thing that seems to help with the trauma people suffer seems to be to talk to someone understanding.
      Hope to hear from you!
      All the best!

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