Don’t write when angry, I know, but seriously atheists, what is your problem??
I have believed in God my whole life but I may not believe in the most conventional way. I lean towards gnosticism, but the experiences I’ve had, which are very personal to me, makes it impossible for me to NOT believe.


My life has been incredibly hard and lonely and the only one that ever stood by me was Jesus. How he stood by me I won’t even try to explain because it’s, like I said, personal and I will not have you spew your evil all over it, but regardless, I believe and I have the right to. My IQ is still in the 140’s, thank you.
The atheists are always so aggressive nowadays! What they accuse Christians of doing is what they do themselves, but even worse.
I have never once in my life tried to force my beliefs onto anyone else or ridiculed them for their own beliefs and feelings. I let atheists be atheists. To each his own. But it’s getting on my nerves now the aggression of the atheists! Whether they have been asked or not they absolutely HAVE to force their ill-conceived opinions down your throat! They ridicule and make light of what matters most to you. And then they insist that religion is the cause of all evil…
Seriously? I’m not evil. I’m more good than most. Some people twist religion around and make it evil.  Am I responsible for that? Am I also responsible for everything every woman ever does? For what every Swede does?
Why do you need to attack everyone that believes? Why is it so important to you that everyone thinks like you, and denounces all spirituality so they can become less than what they are? If you lack spirituality, then I’m sorry for you. It can be pretty great thing to have. It adds dimensions to your life you will never ever know. Doing what you ask would not be to add anything to our lives, only to remove something.
You assume we don’t think? That we don’t try to solve our own problems but instead pray to “an old man on a cloud”, as one guy put it? Seriously?
From where we sit you look so small, so ignorant. It seems so pointless trying to explain our position to you. Like trying to teach art appreciation to parrots. I’m not going to bother.
All I want is the freedom to believe what I believe without being ridiculed or told I’m stupid. You believe whatever you want, I’m not going to try to change you. But that goes both ways. I refuse to tolerate or respect someone who knows nothing about my beliefs and still tries to put them down!


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