Good morning

Hibernation is over for this time it seems. I’m not exactly sure what it is that activates my inner alarm clock, although I suspect that daylight, both the intensity and the duration of it, to be the main trigger. It’s not lack of snow at least, because there’s still plenty of that around. Although I have recently noticed that the sun has begun to eat away at it. On warm (warm is a relative word and in this case it’s relative to Swedish weather conditions in March…) and sunny days there’s an unmistakable dripping of melting snow from the roofs, the huge piles of snow everywhere are sinking and mini rivers of meltwater are carving their way through the ice on the ground, ice that is becoming increasingly porous and brittle day by day.
Not yet spring, but the promise of it.
In any case I’m out of the world of Call of Gods and back in the land of the…living? Clinically insane? Matrix?
I’m getting caught up on everything that I’ve missed/ ignored.

The world did not end on December 21 2012. That’s good. Would think this might have caused a pretty enormous level of embarrassment among the fear mongers who believed it blindly but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I still see them posting left and right about how the end of the world only really meant the end of an era, and that this new era would be one of greater understanding and brotherhood and yada yada yada. That’s the Age of Aquarius! Haven’t they been going on about that since the 60’s? Aren’t we there YET?

Melba Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA research thingy has been published.
In a magazine. Of sorts.
The De Novo Journal. A brand new, and I mean BRAND new magazine about genetics and science. Some people think that Melba herself started this magazine only to be published, but others claim to have looked into the matter and that the De Novo Journal seems legit.
I wouldn’t know, I’ve been hibernating.
In any case, the responses I’ve read concerning the Ketchum paper are so different and inconclusive that I feel like rolling over and going back to sleep.
And now there’s this new controversy surrounding Ms. Ketchum it seems. Not only does her research reveal Bigfoot to be a real, flesh and blood creature whose mitochondrial DNA is identical to ours, now she also claims that the unknown hominin showing up in its nuclear DNA was a kind of gigantic lemur.
So, human + lemur = Bigfoot.
Great. All caught up on that now.
And honestly, this Melba Ketchum thing has been so big and controversial for so long now I’m starting to suspect it’s a disinformation campaign. That they want us focused on this so they don’t notice what’s happening elsewhere. There, I said it.

Aliens are now demons and super secret government groups are investigating them. OK, all of that is old news except for the aliens are demons part. I kinda tend to lean towards everything is demons actually. Werewolves, el chupacabras, old hag, BEK, shadow people, MIB, mothman, politicians. Why not aliens? The devil has a thousand faces. And no, this is actually not a joke. I may have a complex relationship with Christianity, but I do have one and I am actually interested in learning as much as I can about evil so I might be able to fight it somehow, or at the very least resist it.

The prophecy of St. Malachy has been popping up a lot lately. The one about how the new pope will be the last and possibly the Antichrist… Personally I would have guessed that someone miscalculated somewhere cause the current guy has never really been a favorite of mine… Not sure what it is about the guy but something isn’t right there.

OK, enough catching up for one day. Let’s move on to my favorite topic.

Le Pact des loups is a movie I watched on Netflix yesterday. It means The Brotherhood of the Wolf and it’s a fictional dramatization of the events that took place in 1764-67 in the French province of Gévaudan.
I picked the movie because, hello, it was about the beast of Gévaudan, one of the earliest recorded incidents of werewolfism ( it’s a word. I know cause I invented it). Every werewolf freak knows about the beast of Gévaudan. In 3 years it killed 113 and injured 49 people.
But after (and to be honest during, I thrive on doing several things at once) watching this movie I felt compelled to revisit this historic event and brush up on my knowledge. One of the first things I checked, just for fun, was the dates of full moons. Since the first attack happened on June 1, 1764 and the second on June 30 I figured it COULD be full moon related. It wasn’t.  In 1764 the moon was full on June 8.
After this I looked into the descriptions of the beast and was completely baffled. The beast of Gévaudan is considered to be the granddaddy of all werewolves, but it honestly doesn’t sound very wolf-like… The witnesses described it as being the size of a cow, big, broad chest, reddish fur with strange white stripes along the body, seriously stinky. Its tail was supposedly long with curly hair and a tassel at the end. The only thing wolf-like about the beast was apparently it’s head that was described as looking like that of a greyhound dog but with formidable teeth.
At this point I started looking into all those mega carnivores that existed during the Pleistocene epoch.
I found the largest canid of all time, Epicyon haydeni, which was big-ish, but not as big as a cow by any means.
Arctotherium angustidens was the biggest bear ever, but that one was BIIIIIG! I mean huge! Standing on its hind legs it stood at least 11 feet!
There was of course something with REALLY formidable teeth at this time and that was the Smilodon populator. But they were not blessed with massive long tails.
Then there was the bear-dog, Amphicyonidae, an extinct family. The largest was a species of Pseudocyon that may have weighed 773 kg (1700 lbs) Much less seem to be known about these bear-dogs. They look like really big rats in a way, at least in the drawings. Strangely very few photos of them exist… But they do seem to have the long, hairy tail, and the teeth seem plentiful. Many of them were cow-sized, some much bigger even.
amphicyon_ingens_2_by_romanyevseyev-d4uft4fAmphicyon ingens is said to have weighed around 600 kg (1300 lbs). They seem bulky enough to fit the role of the beast, but their heads can’t really be described as greyhound-like, can they?

I know, even if I find the species that best fits the description of the beast it won’t help if it happens to be long extinct… However, extinction seems to be relative and life moves in mysterious ways. Coelacanth is all I’m saying, even though there are many more cases of both animals and plants not being as extinct as previously thought.

Anyway, the movie was good. A bit on the bloody side, but not for cheap effects. And it presented an interesting and intriguing theory.

OK that’s more than enough for a first post. I may need to rest a bit after writing this, my typing finger is weak from the long winter.


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