Science vs science

Something has been happening. A movement is underway.
A new religion which denounces all religion and therefore is able to fly under the radar. A philosophy whose very core is “truth” and therefore cannot be refuted. A movement which hides behind the name of something most respectable and therefore blurs the view and sneaks in undetected, takes hold and will already be too firmly established by the time people realize what is going on.
I sadly foresee a horribly dystopian future and I’m actually not kidding. Not at all.
Science has become the new religion and its followers refer to themselves as atheists.
I know there are “peaceful” atheists in the world as well and this post is in no way directed at them.
This is about the practically militant atheists of this new movement. Every opinion they have can be backed by scientific evidence and therefore they are “untouchable”, safe.

So, what’s wrong with that?
I’ll tell you.

Science just used to be science. Now it has become something else. In order to be scientific today, in order to be taken seriously and seen as an intelligent being, one almost needs to swear off any belief in anything scientifically unproven such as spirituality, and in the future this will most certainly be the law.
I understand that this movement was born out of a desire for an antithesis to the previously dominant Church, but the followers seem to fail to see the direction it has taken and how it has been twisted and warped into the very thing it is said to oppose.
The followers see science as something good, a sober, clear way to look at things. Truth. Scientists will no longer be crucified by the church for speaking the truth.
No. Now they will be crucified by Science-the-religion.

Scientists are being ostracized from the scientific community for speaking the truth, if the truth is something that isn’t already known or cannot be immediately proven. One example is Dan Shechtman, the man who received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2011.
Shechtman discovered quasicrystals, which was such a controversial subject that the leading scientists, including the two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Paulding, completely renounced him and even made it their purpose in life to degrade, ridicule and be hostile towards him.
Shechtman’s colleagues told him to “go back and read the textbook” and to leave for disgracing the team.
Linus Pauling is noted saying “There is no such thing as quasicrystals, only quasi-scientists.”
But there were quasicrystals. Shechtman persevered through the years of being alone against the world and eventually he was vindicated. On publication of his paper, other scientists began to confirm and accept empirical findings of the existence of quasicrystals and the Nobel committee said of his discovery that it was extremely controversial,” but that his work “eventually forced scientists to reconsider their conception of the very nature of matter.
Doesn’t this really speak volumes? Arrogant pigheadedness, is that scientific? To go in with an already formed view of the world and only strive to “discover” what fits in with and confirms this view.
That is Science-the-religion in a nutshell.
Actual science, the strife to understand, to explain, to move forward, while being unbiased and objective, will come to a standstill.
Science-the-religion has deemed that we know enough.

May I predict that this “Brave New World” will be particularly hard on women? Just like practically every other religion before it. Women tend to be more emotional and intuitive and that’s not the scientific way. Too many variables. Pets will not be welcome since they only trigger unscientific emotional bonds.
Writers, artists, musicians, people believing in God, people believing in the paranormal, actual scientists will be the heretics that will burn at the stake.

How can people be so blind as to fail to see the similarities between Science-the-religion and the Catholic Church during the time of the Spanish inquisition?
Power changes hands but it still corrupts, no matter who holds it. Everything changes and everything stays the same.
Smug self-glorification is the common denominational dogma between the Church and Science-the-religion.

It’s not the Church and it’s not Science that is either right or wrong. Everything built on arrogance and ego is wrong, no matter how many it slays in its own name.
How many times and by how many throughout history has the truth been claimed as the property of a specific denomination?
The truth is just that- the truth. It’s not science, it’s not any religion. It’s truth. It’s never subjective and it is never the property of anyone.
Any world view that fails to be holistic is flawed and not truth.

Edit October 12, 2013:
I’m not the only one to realize there’s something going on. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake and others discuss in these articles

what they refer to as “guerilla sceptics” and how they are taking over wikipedia pages, working as a group to censor, ridicule and defame everything that doesn’t fit with the New World Order they are trying to create.
This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it really is happening!
React to this, pay attention to this before it’s too late!

Equilibrium. Good movie.
Equilibrium. Good movie.

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