Lately I have been bicycling a lot around the rural parts around the small city I live in. It has become obvious to me that I live smack in the middle of paradise.
When I grew up in this town I, like everybody else growing up here, thought it was hell on earth. Söderhamn has about 12 000 people living in it. 25 000 counting the “suburbs”. This, growing up, we found embarrassingly tiny and we all wanted to move to Stockholm, or even better, the U.S.A. That’s where the action was.
But now, at this stage in my life, right before turning 40, I have completely different values.
Sweden is gorgeous. So gorgeous it takes your breath away.
And I’m sure, if you go looking, you’ll find that you live in paradise too!

Peony with fly 😉

Fields of barley
A wonderful river reflecting the birches lining it
Such a beautiful lake in the middle of the woods
The beach Storsand by the Baltic Sea
Beautiful open fields

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