I thought I would point out this ancient, but very underrated form of healing.
This one rings true to me, in an intuitive way. It makes sense to me somehow. And if you learn it, it’s very accessible and cheap! ; )
If you are not as bendy as I am, try to persuade your significant other or a friend to learn about this together with you.

The concept of reflexology is that when something in the body isn’t in balance, if it’s sick or something, that will manifest in certain areas of the feet (or hands, ears or back) which corresponds to the problematic body part.
Wall paintings have been found in ancient Egyptian burial charmbers, depicting reflexology treatment. The paintings are from around  year 2330 B.C.

The idea is that massaging the corresponding area on the foot will help the problematic body part heal itself by releasing blockages and stimulating blood and energy flow.
One shouldn’t just target the problematic area, but rather go over them all and then spend a little extra time on the problem area.
Don’t use lotions or oils because your fingers should not slide, but steadily massage.

In the beginning of a treatment, the symptoms may worsen for a brief period of time, but will later disperse and disappear.
80-90% of people who have tried reflexology consider themselves fully healed or significantly helped, and yet it remains a very underrated healing form.

Reflexology must NOT be performed on people with diabetes or cancer, and not on children under 8.

The way I do it is I start with a nice foot bath, preferably with sea salt in it. Then I wash my feet off and dry them, and rub a bit of non-oily lotion on them.
I gently work the lotion in while I bend and soften up the feet for the coming treatment. By the time I’m done, the lotion will be absorbed and I begin the treatment from the “top”, i.e. the toes on my left foot. The whole treatment can take between 30-60 minutes, including foot bath.
The tender areas on my feet represent areas of my body that aren’t functioning 100%. I gently massage these areas to dissolve any crystals that have formed (thus the pain) . I am careful not to hurt myself, because the treatment should be firm, but not painful.

Here´s a link to an interactive foot reflexology chart.


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