Manchester, England, England

Something unsettling is happening in Manchester. Men are drowning in canals and rivers in numbers that, just by themselves, is cause for alarm.
Add to that mysterious circumstances in many of the cases and you are left feeling that whatever is going on is something more than mere accidents.

In January of this year the official number of men dead from drowning in the Greater Manchester area was 61. And that’s in the last six years.
No particularly mysterious injuries indicating foul play, just death by drowning.
And when I say men I literally mean only men.
61 men in six years.
And no women.
How does that make any statistical sense?
Still, police claim nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

People are speculating about a possible serial killer being on the loose in Manchester, speculations that are met with denial from the authorities.
People refer to the potential killer as the Pusher.
I’m not entirely sure I buy the serial killer theory. To push someone into a canal is one thing, but to do it without being seen and without the victim even being able to scream for help or get out of the water, and to do this successfully so many times… It just seems improbable.
Late teens- early twenties seem to be the most dangerous age for men in the greater Manchester area, but there are victims older than this as well.
22-year-old Mike Simpson from Stockport was at a New Year’s party in Bredbury. He disappeared a few hours after midnight on January 1, 2013. At 02.23 he texted his girlfriend saying he was near a river and that he had no idea where to go from there.
At 02.24 he texted telling her he was running low on battery and that he had “no idea how I ended up here”.
His body was found on January 9 in the river Goyt. Read more.

Yes, he was drunk. Yes, he could have fallen into the water. Still, there’s something that just feels a bit off in this case.

Whatever is causing the drownings in Manchester was in effect even back in 2004.
21-year-old David Michael Plunkett from Halifax went on an organised trip from Leeds to Manchester’s Budweiser Music Event at the Daytona race track in Trafford Park in April of 2004. His body was found almost two weeks later in the Manchester Ship Canal.
At 1 am his parents had called him on his mobile phone after they heard he had become separated from his friends.
He was quite inebriated and after a ten minute phone call the parents heard him say “I’m turning right, turning right, turning right” followed very suddenly by a scream.
The mother passed the phone to the father as she called 999 and the father took the phone and heard the scream, which he describes as more like a howl.
He raised his voice trying to snap his son out of whatever was going on with him, alas unsuccessfully.
Then there was silence.
The parents kept the phone line open until 04.30 but they never got a response from their son. Read more.

The reason I feel something more is going on in Manchester, more than simple drunk drownings, is first the sheer number of victims. Second is the fact that all the victims are male. That just doesn’t happen. Third, the screaming by David Plunkett and the confusion of Mike Simpson as to his whereabouts and how he got there.

To explain the third reason I must re-address the suicides in Wales I mentioned a while ago.
Not being able to let that go I searched a lot for answers online. Three incidents, aside again for the sheer number of people hanging themselves, stood out and make me think about certain theories.
The three incidents were:
1. A girl not from Bridgend was there visiting her boyfriend and ended up hanging herself. That is, a girl from somewhere else, with no connection to the other victims killed herself in the same manner as the others, thereby proving that what’s going on in Wales is not a “suicide-cult”, as the media tried to portray it.
2. One girl hanging herself was found by her father and cut down in time. She claims to have no recollection of having hanged herself at all.
3. A boy suffering from mental problems that were not schizophrenia, went to the ER because he heard voices in his head telling him to do bad things. He was sent home because the hospital didn’t have the funds, basically, to deal with that sort of problem.

These incidents seem to point to possible mind control.
Is that science fiction? A conspiracy theory maybe?
Probably not.
There has been a lot of development in the field of non-lethal weaponry. Many have heard of the LRAD. It’s a Long Range Acoustic Device that can send messages, warnings and harmful, pain-inducing tones over longer distances than normal loudspeakers. It’s used to deter wildlife from airport runways and to bring unruly protesters and such to order.
A former vice president at LRAD corporations said in 2004 that being within 100 meters of an LRAD is extremely painful and will cause permanent auditory damage, and that it was designed to be used in short burst from 300 m to give the targeted person a head ache.
This information has since been denied by other LRAD officials, claiming that the device isn’t a weapon but a “directed sound communications system”.
According to LRAD themselves, this in what the device does:

The LRAD 1000 can issue a verbal challenge with instructions in excess of 500 meters and has the capability of following up with a warning tone of 151 dB (at one meter) to influence behavior or determine intent.
The LRAD 500 produces a sound pattern that provides clear communication beyond 300 meters. The deterrent tone can reach a maximum of 145 dB (at one meter) to influence behavior or determine intent.

Influence behavior or determine intent.
Sounds cozy.

There have also been claims that the LRAD can target a single individual in a group of people and deliver a spoken message directly into their heads, without it being picked up by the surrounding people.
Obviously there could be great military use for this, however, could it also be abused?
Voice of God“-weapons. Now we’re in the conspiracy field.
According to some sources “Voice of God” or “Voice of Allah”-weapons are being used in Iraq right now.
Spoken LRAD, rather than screeching. What would you do in a tense situation of you heard a booming voice clearly in your head claiming to be God?
I’m sure I don’t need to explain how useful this could be for the military, if it actually is true?
Apparently there are other devices as well capable of directly targeting an individual with microwaves or radio waves, “beaming” a message directly into their heads.
DARPA apparently has a Sonic Projector program in place, claiming to be able to do just that:

The Sonic Projector will be designed to be a man-deployable system, using high power acoustic transducer technology and signal processing algorithms which result in no, or unintelligible, sound everywhere but at the intended target

This may not be as much science fiction as you first thought.

Active Denial System is another piece of technology to control the masses. According to the Wikipedia page it’s a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military, designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd control.
What it does is it fires a high powered beam of 95 GHz at the target which corresponds to the wavelength of microwaves. The effect quite literally is the same as what goes on in a microwave oven. The water and fat molecules in the skin are excited resulting in the heating of the skin.
A spokesman for the Air Force Research Laboratory described his experience as a test subject for the system:

“For the first millisecond, it just felt like the skin was warming up. Then it got warmer and warmer and you felt like it was on fire…. As soon as you’re away from that beam your skin returns to normal and there is no pain.”

If anyone is incapable of leaving the targeted area, say if they were handicapped, trapped, an infant or drugged/ heavily drunk, they would continue to receive radiation until the operator turned the device off.

Wow. That might almost make you want to jump in a river to cool off, wouldn’t it?

Alright, so these devices are real, but they are military. Surely no one would use these on civilians for testing purposes, would they?
Hopefully not, but most likely they would.
Think about the repercussions. There aren’t any. Beam a voice into someone’s head. What will that lead to? Nothing. The subject and everyone associated with him/her will assume schizophrenia. No military involvement will be suspected in any way.
Cook the skin of civilian targets, have them jump in a river. Who’s to blame? Alcohol. Another tragic accident.
I’m not saying this is what’s going on, only that it could be.
Anyone thinking the military/ government wouldn’t do something like that only needs to remember MKUltra in America or Unit 731 in Japan.

Whatever is going on in Manchester and Wales does not seem normal or natural and should be looked into more.
It just really, really should.



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