Something odd maybe?

I saw a peculiar thing in the sky on Thursday night. It wasn’t dark, it’s midsummer in Sweden so it just never gets particularly dark, but you could see the moon against the blue summer night sky and under it I saw an object moving across the sky. It looked to be sort of cylindrical in shape and seemed to be lit as much as the moon was. It wasn’t dimmer or brighter than the moon, and looked to be the same white color. It moved from right to left, eastward, at about the same speed as a satellite and after watching it for 30 seconds or so it disappeared behind some clouds. It must have been flying at an altitude higher than the clouds then, and the sky was pretty clear and the clouds were light cirrus, which tend to be pretty high up if I remember correctly. I don’t remember ever having seen planes flying at above the clouds altitudes, but I suppose it might have been a plane, though it looked too big to be a plane at that altitude.
I tried to illustrate it on a photo. The moon was slightly fuller than the one in the photo but the sky and the color of the moon looks about right. The weird lines on the left side are supposed to be the clouds, although they had a slight reddish-brown tint due to the low sun.



Edit June 22 22.06:
Just checked the possibility of the object being the ISS but it has had no passes visible in Sweden during this period.


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